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    Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
    I like this idea. I think it would be incredibly handy in cases such as clubs where a thread may have multiple owners who may need to edit the opening post but are unable to because another posted it. I think it would work wonders in sections such as Pokemon Clubs, Other Clubs, Get Together boards, and competitions that may be held and managed by more than one member in a certain section.

    Although, as you said, there is the problem with unwanted editing/trolling. But I suppose this can be restricted by giving the owner of the opening post the ability to add or remove people in which can edit it. Plus, it would be only common sense to save a back up of any thread just in case anything does happen -- plus I'm sure if an issue were to arise where a member has deleted or unnecessarily edited a thread, it could be brought up to that section's moderator...

    Hmm, the only tricky thing is, I can see a lot of issues generating from this. But it's a handy feature if implemented anyway.

    What kind of problems could it have? Do you mean problems in the coding? Or something else?
    Personally, I don't think I would have too many problems with people trollin' my threads if I know who I'm adding to the list of people who can edit my post. Chances are, the peope I share clubs with, or make events with, will be people I actually know enough to know that they are to be trusted, and if they aren't to be trusted, I'm not going to work with them, it's as simple as that :\

    If other people have any common sense they shouldn't have problems with people trolling them, in reality!
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