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Actually, Alex and I already thought of this, although it turned out not be possible at the moment, with any kind of plugin or w/e being programmed, which obviously would take some time and effort, which honestly I don't think we should pressure any of the programmers with, specifically Audy who'd probably be the person asked to do this if it actually meant enough. So yeah, even though it would've been pretty neat to have in the clubs sections, it just isn't really needed enough imo.

Furthermore, the updating of clubs isn't really that important either in most cases, as it doesn't really mean much to the clubs, however the reason why this would help out a lot in some clubs, is due to a few of them having the points and rewards systems. A fun little extra feature in clubs where, depending on your activity, quality of posts, etc., you gain points, which can later be spent on rewards, like shiny or extra partner Pokemon in the clubs, or whatever they include, and though fun for the members, it's extremely boring and tiresome to check through the posts and updating the members with the points, which I can imagine would be horrible for the bigger clubs like Cute Club was its time. This is also the reason why most clubs that start out with the systems often end up removing them again. Aaand, this is kinda where the whole thing would come in handy, because more people to count up the points, edit the stuff for rewards and such in the member lists, while still adding new members to the list makes everything a whole lot easier, and can make co-owned clubs feel more.. co-owned. But alas, if an owner don't want to do this stuff, they don't have to include it, so again, this feature isn't really that needed, as much as it'd just make clubs easier to maintain for those that decide to have overly complicated features.
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