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Pokémon Firered Z
386 sorta-kinda-like a hack

Everything starts with a "hello"

Hi, I'm Zeffy and welcome to my sorta-kinda-like a hack. Its a hack I made just for fun. Its not even a hack, its just a edit. You'd be having fun with this edit, though, I promise you that. My aim for this hack to make Firered more playable and to make every Pokémon in the 3rd Gen. catchable without trading and/or cheating. Without further ado, I present you Firered Z!

I know this is optional but meh

- All 386 Pokémon catchable!
- GYMs and Trainers will have different Pokémon and difficulties.
- Fake difficulty.*
- Mini-quests to make some Pokémon obtainable. (Legendary Pokémon, for example)

*By Fake Difficulty, I mean making GYMs and Trainers a little bit harder. And by that I mean changing their Pokémon and making their levels a little bit higher.

Visual graphics for your enjoyment

These are mostly Pokémon battles, but what do I have to show? (note: hover over to see what area they are catchable)

Brock's GYM (Small changes as of now)

Closing Message
A conversation ends with a "goodbye"

That's everything I can show for now. I'll be sure to update this. Don't expect too much, though. There won't be many script changes but this is a fun thing to do, nonetheless. :">