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Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
Pokemon, Shocking Love: This is my fanfic about my two Pichu OCs on my art board. Two Pichus, one abandoned by it's trainer, the other had it's family killed by Pokemon Hunters. What will happen with a shiny female Pichu who had it's family killed by Pokemon Hunters, meets a male Pichu who was abandoned by it's trainer for being weak? For now this is a one shot, unless I come up with some huge ideas.

So for this I need help coming up with a good plot idea.
Well you'll need far more than you gave. Why did the trainer abandon their Pichu? Obviously it's going to be weak, being the first stage of a three-stage Pokemon, and if the trainer has any common sense they'll know this.

And what do you mean by 'Pokemon Hunters'? Are these poachers who take Pokemon from the wild and sell them to the highest bidder? If so, why would they kill two perfectly good Pokemon? Or are they actual hunters, who kill Pokemon for sustenance?

Why does the fact that the second Pichu is shiny have any significance in the story? And where is the plot? Having the relationship between the characters take center stage makes for a weak piece of fiction, you'll need to find some way to inject some conflict.

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