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    Originally Posted by Will94 View Post
    Okay I want to do a Fan-Fic which kind of revolves around my save game of Pokemon Pearl, not exactly the same as the game story mind you.
    So this kid is turning fifteen, he is getting his Pokemon Lisence... bla bla bla... visits Prof. Rowan... bla bla bla... gets a Turtwig and starts his journey.
    Accompanying him is his female friend (I haven't decided if they have known each other since they were young or if they meet for the first time in Prof. Rowans lab). They are together for the entire series (which won't be as big as the Anime!!), which will revolve around a mix of the Games and the Anime.
    Anyway they go off on their journey together, his mission is to beat the Elite Four, her mission is to fill up the Pokedex for Prof. Rowan.
    They also meet a third companion (who is still in the works. Canon character suggestions are welcome!)
    There may also be a rival, and a youngster trainer who meets them along the way but doesn't stay with them

    But what I really want to lead this all up to is a bigger story involving Palkia, Dialga and Giratina and the Distortion World. Then Arceus getting starts to get frustrated by Pokemon Trainers, and starts to pull all of the Legendary Pokemon out of their habitats and tries to start a war.
    Then after these events the main character continues his journey to the Elite Four, challenges them and then off to.....

    What do you think? It is very blan at the moment, and I need to do some serious character building, and episode outlines.
    Also, you're going to have to try and make your fanfic different from the games right from the start. Not only by making your character older, but other ways. I'm going to have to agree with bobandbill: why make them older? You have plenty of reasons to choose from, since you are allowed to have older trainers start, but...why? Work it out in the story.

    Same with why and how your starting trainer gets involved in this war. And why Arceus is starting a war. What would suddenly make it want to start a war with trainers now, when Arcy has been around since the beginning of time?

    I know that right now you only have the bare minimum, so hopefully this helps you out with working more on this story.
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