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Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
Whee quick initial thoughts to idea replies. Be sure you have enough ideas/content to make up a 'sequel or two' then, I suggest. =p

I'd would suggest having some backstory about these characters would be a potential idea to use then so we know all this (maybe even changing POVs between characters throughout the story?) But some character history and how they know of this power and so forth would be needed methinks (if you haven't already planned that, that is =p).
(So I assume that means the protagonist (or anti hero?) does get the powers then?) You'd need to explain how they can steal the powers off then - is it a spiriatual thing or something like in Avatar, or is it an object that grants the bearer said power? The latter part feels a bit too hard to swallow as well - DNA to shapeshift into animals would likely come off as rather unrealistic no matter how well you protray it due to the very iffy-ness of that nature. I do feel it'd be better sticking to the first one rather than the sequel as the ideas seem too radical/out-of-the-blue in the latter, here.
yeah, i think your right :) .
I've been thinking, maybe the protagonists gets the powers and turns evil,
then his 'mentor' and the other evil person are rivals, working under their boss to deliver him the supernatural powers, and now that the two have failed they have to remove the supernatural powers from him (using an item im creating yet). The 'protagonist' finds the link between the two and finds the boss, battling him and a little more will happen.
I think it gives the storyline more sense, because im making the protganist get kicked out of home, sleeping at the dojo and then the map to an ancient cave is stolen. then the protagonist knows where the lair of the other evil guy is.

Thanks for all your help :) ,
i think i could actually be making some progress :) .
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