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    I was thinking last night, since this pokemon doesn't have a body, that it could use powers to possess others. I'm still working out why he wants revenge, I'm working out ideas. I might (keyword: might) also add a sub-plot where he tries to find his body. I'm not 100% sure on that one though.

    I might not introduce this bad pokemon for the first chapter or two, that way I can spend a little extra time developing the region, explaining what happened in those 30-40 years, and character development. I'll have hints of his upcoming awakening/return, but not right away. I'm also going to explain why some regions are more high-tech, while others are still medieval-like.

    I still not sure what roles the anime characters will play (if any), but I know they'll be mentioned here and there. If they do appear, I'll try to make it related to the story, and not where they just appear out of no where.

    Also, in this story, instead of the characters being 10 and such, they'll be 14 (maybe 15). Don't worry, I'll explain why you have to be 14-15 instead of 10. I forgot to mention that in my original post.
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