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    Originally Posted by fishyfins View Post
    Ive been looking into it though, and i cant seem to find any official rules for a badge quest. what are the rules? all i know is that you have to find/catch a 1/8192 shiny before each gym battle beore you can progress. is that it?
    There aren't any official rules as far as I know. It's very much like a Nuzlocke in that the rules are whatever you want them to be, but most people just use the base rule you mentioned which is to catch a 1/8192 shiny before every gym.

    Originally Posted by Dratizard View Post
    Do you guys know any tricks to hunt faster? You seem to get a few hundred SRs in one day.
    I do about 500 resets a day when I have other stuff going on. Usually 750+ on the weekends. But I'm at home all day and pretty much everything I do I can hunt while doing it. I'm not sure there's any "special tactics" to doing it faster since the process is so simple in the first place. Just make more time to hunt if you can. That would be my advice. :)
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