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Oh gosh darnit! I thought this would attune to the quest. I thought it was May-n characters, not just companions. I'm just silly. But anyways, I come bearing a shiny!

I've been reeeeeally fickle as of late, hunting somewhere for at most a day, then moving to a new locale. This time, while watching cartoons last night, I was in Mistralton cave. I never really explored the BW2 version of that place, so I thought, "Hey, why not!" And while looking for a hidden item... I found a different treasure.

A woobat! I've always like their green color. Always. But, for the people with more luck than myself, do you ever STOP staring at the shiny like a complete idiot for a minute or so? I swear you could HEAR the egg timer in my head going "tick-tick-tick-tick-CATCH IT YOU FOOL"

Sooooo I did.


And then I named him Mint because he's a minty green I'd say... He's impish as well... I'm ok with it. And now I'm hunting Charmander. At least that pertains to the quest.

Charmander - 30 eggs
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