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What pokémon do you wish that you would wake up as? - Without a doubt, Dewott. Love otters so its no surprise, really love how they move and play. Having two scalchops, and excellet swimmer

If you would be honest, what pokémon do you think it's more likely that you would be? Meaning, what pokémon would probably represent you best? - Purrloin, I'm very quiet, sneaky (when ever I buy stuff I'm not supposed to like candy or soda - I'll try and sneak it in), steal food from the fridge given the chance (I'll try and trick family members into leaving them, or figure something out to take it especially if I love it), I can sleep a lot, I'm quite active a lot at night.

Is there any pokémon you would absolutely not want to wake up as? - Pikachu, Charizard, or Dragonite. Don't like them at all. Design wise, and seeing them take lots of glory in the anime made me dislike them a lot.
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