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Everytime I see xxscytherxx online he vanishes before I can message him. >.<

Ichi Da Z (8:52:05 PM): Hello?
FoxyGramps5543 (8:52:18 PM): Who's this?
Ichi Da Z (8:52:34 PM): Your opponent who's been waiting almost two days for our match. <.<;
Ichi Da Z (8:53:05 PM): It's Ichida from Pokecommunity. You're Xxscytherxx, right?
FoxyGramps5543 (8:53:34 PM): My router is f***ed up!
FoxyGramps5543 (8:53:47 PM): Tell them I can't do it.
Ichi Da Z (8:53:52 PM): So you forfeit?
FoxyGramps5543 (8:53:58 PM): I officially forfeit :D
Ichi Da Z (8:54:09 PM): ...kay. Saves me the trouble, I guess. <.<;;
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