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    Scrappunk is a small yet potent team of creative and productive minds united for the purpose of revolutionizing the romhacking industry. We are currently working on a game we are calling Pokemon FrostBite. Since most of it's quality lies in revolutionary ideas, I can't talk about it much, but right now, our team NEEDS two people more: a midi composer/music hacker, and a spriter.

    Some may remember me as the boistrous leader of project Rock Solid, and may also note that Rock Solid stopped... died... That was largely due to the fact that I had to move, and was at a house without internet. Now, however, I'm fully capable of leading a team to the finish.

    Now I want more driven teammembers than I had in the past, so I'd highly appreciate if anybody wanting in on this revolutionary romhack would show proof of work (I'll show you the work I want done as your demonstration) and would be willing to contact me via IM (I currently use AIM, YIM, and GTalk). PM me for my screen name. Any member of Scrappunk must be able to work at least three days of the week, or be able to do a hell of a lot in one day. Currently, all the members work daily.

    As proof of skill for a fakemon enginner, I would like a the following skeleton filled:

    POKEDEX Entry:
    Base Stats:
    Growth Rate:
    Base EXP:
    Gender Ratio:
    Items Held:
    Catch Rate:
    Egg Groups:
    Egg Hatch Speed:
    Base Happiness:

    As proof of skill for the composer/hacker, I would like an IPS patch for FireRed that has replaced the music on route 1 with a new piece (original or otherwise)

    I hope to gain at least one specialist for each aspect of romhacking. If you wish to apply simply fill out this form:

    Position Applied For:
    Proof of Skill: (see above)
    Past Experience:
    Contact Information:
    Times available:

    I am NOT limiting my recruiting solely to what I've mentioned, but I don't need grunts. Everybody is gonna be a lead something. This is meant to be a small and elite team. So far, I've got all the bases covered but one: Head of Music and Audio. Please, if you have skill in correctly inserting music and audio, IM me via Google Talk at
    Current Team:
    Score_Under: Lead Software Engineer, Lead Scripter
    Korronensu: Lead Concept Engineer, Co-Lead Mapper, Lead Storywriter
    SharpPoint: Co-Lead Mapper, Assistant Scripter, Assistant Storywriter
    Govilku: Lead Graphics Designer, Assistant Storywriter