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    Answer a Topic: There's a possibility here. Only Darkrai really stands out right now. It's been doing bad deeds to citizens of Sinnoh (And possibly other regions too). Besides, I don't really think Darkrai will go around giving nightmares because of how it's rival has been. But then, what would have motivated it to go around causing panic? Why would it put LOADS of people in nightmares? I don't think maliciousness would go this far. However, there is just a slight chance it would have put Team Galactic in nightmares. If this is the case, then ROFL.

    What's your favorite signature Legendary Pokémon attack?

    Definitely Sacred Fire. It's so awesome. Since Ho-Oh is more of a Physical Attacker, Sacred Fire hits hard and it's a very good move. Plus a 50% chance of burning. That's once every two uses, which is awesomely helpful compared to other moves that have burn chance.