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Posted June 4th, 2019
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Just finished another playthrough of Ultra Moon. Three of my team were bred in Ultra Sun and traded in as eggs for a kind of a concept team, so I had a trio of starters plus one with some fun egg moves. Meet the Birb Squad and friends:

Championship team:
Ranger (Decidueye, m, lvl 70)
Hotwings (Blaziken, m, lvl 71) - bred from Island Scan Combusken
Pengwing (Empoleon, m, lvl 71) - bred from Island Scan Prinplup
Fae (Alolan Ninetales, f, lvl 71) - bred with egg moves Freeze Dry and Moonblast
Shades (Krookodile, f, lvl 70)
Nebby (Lunala, lvl 67)

Honorable mention goes to Alolachu (Alolan Raichu, m, lvl 63), who went most of the way with me, but I was underwhelmed by his performance so he got replaced with Nebby during Mina’s trial.

(Not sure how I ended up even more overleveled than last run.)
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