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Chapter 5: Unforgiving Blood

Kiri stared at Jonathan, full of a subtle anger that threatened to burst from her fingertips like fire. How dare he? How dare we assume we know nothing just because we ignored the giant ox? She gripped her hand around a nonexistent bokuto before remembering the bo was strapped to her back, bokuto broken. Hate, she thought dimly, the familiar anger rising vividly. She saw crimson tainting her vision, felt her arm moving behind her to reach out. She could move and just walk a few steps and bash his head in. Her arm was moving…

Sean grabbed her wrist gently. “Don’t,” he murmured. “It’s not worth it. Besides, they don’t need to know what we do.”

“It’d be worth it,” she snarled softly, full of that hostility that had fueled her against Cyberdramon. “It’d be worth it to tear them into shreds…” It'd be worth it to watch them cower.

“They’re human not them. Besides they’ve been through plenty too.” Save your energy for that stupid dragon.

“They still have no right,” she growled. Her whole body was twitchy, like a trigger-happy fool. Funny how true that is...

“No,” Luca said softly, coming up beside her. “It’s not. But, like you said Kiri, as long as we do this, who cares? We need to accept them considering us dumb. After all,” he gave that smile, that smile that reminded Kiri of how much his sweetness hid darkness. “It’s not like the Digital World matters to us right?” Sean could feel the apathy and anger mixing as it rolled off of him, apathy a sin that cursed the boy. It explained his sweetness, as it was too troublesome to be anything other than a kind coward.

That last bit Jonathan caught. “What do you mean it doesn’t matter?” he asked, outrage creeping into his voice. Blair looked over and glared, curious and impatient, eyes darting between them and the dragon in front of them. Why isn’t it attacking?

“Like I said,” Luca said shyly. “It doesn’t matter.” His blue eyes were shadowed by blond bangs, yet the frigidness that was usually so prominent in Kiri’s eyes alone spoke through.

“How can the Digital World not matter to you? This created your partners and it’s a part of protecting the balance of the worlds! How can it not matter?” This was the first time Jonathan had ever lost his temper. Luca, surprisingly, was unafraid.

“I won’t tell,” Luca answered simply and gently, ever so gently, pried Kiri’s hand away from her weapon. “I’m not telling because they’re secrets. If you tell, what are they? You keep secrets anyways. What makes you guys so special?”

"I have more experience than you, for starters, because I'm older!" Jonathan yelled. "I bet you didn't even see the Greymon/Parrotmon battle, did you?! Let alone see Myotismon nearly destroy Odaiba? Or even witness Phantomon scar Blair for life?! Huh? Did you? No, didn't think so!"

For some reason Sean laughed darkly and grinned his jester’s smile, eyes half-closed and scornful. “Experience? Let me tell you a little something about experience, you ****-faced little scut.” His voice had changed to something wild, dirty. At his side, Dorumon was hostile, snarling and looking ready to pounce. Wormmon was quiet in Jonathan’s arms. “Experience won’t mean **** to a bullet in the brain. You don’t even have it anyway. Ya think that just ‘cause scummer like you saw a fight you’ve got balls and power? Hah! I’m gonna puke, that’s so stupid.” You don't even know what you're doing. How can we expect to follow you?

Luca looked wilder than his digimon for a second, then the anger faded. Sean was mad enough for both of them. “Kiri almost died because of stupid Myotismon. Don’t you say we don’t know.”

“So you saw her get scarred? You saw people die?” Kiri clutched her bo between her fingers. “Oh my God, coupled by that and your couple years of age where you sat on your ass sniveling in the corner, we have to obey you and no one else?" She threw up her hands exasperatedly. "Perfect, just perfect! You want to save this world, but what do you know about fighting for your life? What do you know about being considered nothing? You lucky, blessed people, you weren’t left behind!” You've never drowned.

“We’ve seen as much as you have,” Luca whispered. He gave Jonathan the most defiant of stares. “We’ve lost everything. The only people who are left might as well not even be real. Just because we didn’t see two creatures fighting outside our house doesn’t mean we didn’t know. Just because we were not on the news doesn’t mean we weren’t captured by that digimon. We saw those fights in our hearts, we had to be all alone while the world went bad. You guys weren’t.”

Wizardmon pointed his staff at Sean and his friends and Wormmon automatically Digivolved. With the wasp's wings thrumming agitatedly and the elf holding his staff at Luca's face, an all out brawl between the team seemed likely.

"Stingmon, you know what to do if they so much as even budge an inch," Jonathan muttered.

"Same to you, Wizardmon!" Blair hissed.

Sean burst into helpless laughter, falling back and clutching his ribs. “Look Kiri I’m twitching, I’m twitching! Ahaha! Worthless, all worthless! Go ahead and kill me! Please, do try! I’m scared, absolutely shaking in fear!" He leered at the pair. "Can you do it? Can you kill me? Go ahead and do it! Please!” I'd like to see you naive little fools try!

Kiri looked straight at Jonathan, eyes blazing. “You and your damn maggot dare harm a hair on Luca’s head and I’ll twist yours right off.”

“She means it,” Sean gasped, still breathless. “You have no clue how much she means it. Ahah! Kiriko, look at us!" He gestured wildly around him. "You were right! You and Luca were right! We’re all falling apart, see? All of us! This world is mad, so mad!”

“Shut it Joker!”

“Why Kiriko?” he rasped, standing back up. “Why should we hide that? It’s no secret. These worlds warp you and destroy you! This is what happened to them remember? She told us! She felt it coming! You know what happens. And now, it’ll be us next! Ahaha! I want something to burn…”

“Don’t touch the lighter,” Luca whispered, looking away from the staff, suddenly afraid. He began to unconsciously shift back from the green-eyed male, face paling. “Don’t Sean please. You said you wouldn’t.”

“I lied. Just like he lied. I need something to burn. I need it so much.” His whole body was twitching insanely. Jonathan stepped forward warily. Sean’s hand moved, flicking out a lighter. “Don’t touch me,” he hissed, eyes full of that craze that Kiri knew well, a craze that she had felt for most of her life. It's what he trapped in.

“Do as he says,” Kiri said, abruptly fading into calm, at least outwardly. “Joker’s a pyro.” This got surprise.

"You're a pyromanic?" Blair hissed hesitantly. Sean smirked.

“Kiri said it, didn’t she? Don’t trust her words? She’s known me a hell of a lot longer than you.”

Jonathan inclined his head at his partner. "Hold firm, Stingmon. I want to see what his intentions are."

"A pyromanic never should have been allowed to join the ranks of the Digi-Destined, let alone be scanned at birth," Stingmon buzzed.

“Allowed?” This angered both teens but Kiri reined hers back. Sean’s eyes glinted cruelly as he shouted. “What’s this about allowing? I was picked because I was good for something! So what if I have to set fires every once and a while? You Digimon are allowed to murder in “self-defense” so what’s wrong with me?” Stupid worthless hypocrites! WHo are you calling unworthy?

“A lot of things Joker,” Kiri replied quietly. “It’s like your sis told ya: the world’s just unfair.”

“I’ll give you fair,” He gestured toward Dorumon, flicking the lighter on. “Take ‘em all out Dorumon.”

“You sure Sean?”

“Have I ever not been?” He locked eyes with Jonathan. “Try and survive me. If you can’t, then you and your stupid bug shouldn’t be allowed to be Digidestined. Fair?” Dorumon looked over at Stingmon’s tense form.

“Sorry buddy but I’ll obey Sean no matter what. Metal Cannon!” The silver blast fired toward the Digimon.

“Diamond Storm!” Dorumon screeched in pain as the blade-like lights sliced into him. He wheeled around to have Renamon slam into him. Sean whipped around to glare.

“Kiri what the hell do you think…?” he trailed off, stepping back. Kiri looked wild, cracked. Her expression was twisted into a sick grin, eyes wider than natural. Her staff was clutched between both hands in a move reminiscent of her bokuto.

“I told when I met you Sean…” she muttered, licking her lips. “Don’t touch my prey!” She moved and nailed him once, twice, three times in the stomach. He coughed, falling to his knees. Luca looked between them before turning to Jonathan.

“You said you were going to lead us!” he screamed, expression haunted. “Why aren’t you stopping them? You’re older and better you said! The bad stuff’s all over and you won’t fix it!” Jonathan shook his head. He didn't understand.

Suddenly, a noise was heard from behind them and RizeGreymon charged forward. In response, Wizardmon swiveled his staff from in front of Luca's face to the Digi-Chrome covered mask of the Ultimate level cyborg and blasted a Magical Game at him. It barely flinched, continuing to charge. Renamon turned without hesitation towards it. Kiri followed her example.

“What’s with all of these interferences?” she hissed. “Fine then, you want to die? I’ll be happy to assist!” The transformation was quick and silent, Youkomon charging with Jaenryu. Without assisting her partner, she turned and knocked herself into Jonathan.

“I’ll give you some experience kid.” She laughed wildly as she stood back up. “Say hi to the angels since I know I belong in hell!” The black-haired teen raised her staff just before Blair punched her in the face. Jonathan quickly got back up, moving back. Kiri made a swift motion with her staff, hitting Blair’s wrist. The move continued, hitting her straight in the chest.

Despite the fact that RizeGreymon had begun charging, Wizardmon and Stingmon were duty-bound to aid their partners. As the wasp began to spin furiously in the air, he arced upwards and then shot downwards towards Youkomon. “Spinning Spiking Attack!” he yelled.

The elf shot blast after blast of Magical Game at Dorumon, while Jonathan aimed a punch at Kiri. Blair faked takewondo moves and landed an uppercut on Sean. Moving in unison, both Jonathan and Blair's partners and the two neighbours scored direct hits on their opponents.

Sean suddenly moved and snapped, kneeing Blair in the stomach. “Dorumon forget it! Kill the damn dragon! Humans are easy to kill!”

“Right Sean!” He turned away from Wizardmon and charged toward RizeGreymon. "Metal Cannon!” Over and over he fired, avoiding Wizardmon’s attacks by a hair.

Glancing to the right after hitting Kiri in the face, Jonathan noticed that RizeGreymon was still advancing. “Blair!” he called out, nodding in the direction of the cyborg Digimon. She looked and nodded back.

"Wizardmon, Stingmon - change of plans! RizeGreymon is still coming, so go after him now!" she ordered. Both Digimon agreed. They alternated blasts of Magical Game and Spiking Strike, but none of their attacks had any effect.

“Youkomon on your right!”

“Jaenryu!” RizeGreymon roared in pain and cried.

“Rising Destroyer!” The blast knocked everyone off their feet. Kiri was the first up, kicking Jonathan in the stomach and following with an uppercut from her weapon. Jonathan coughed and groaned, blood and spit rising in his throat.

“Tired yet Fearless Leader?” Sean taunted, blocking Blair’s punches. “I may not have much stamina but Kiri’s got plenty. Stamina and hatred, and you’re interfering with me having my fun!” He pouted at Blair, making a slicing motion with his hand with his lit lighter. Her left arm began to burn, causing her scream with alarm and pain. Wizardmon immediately rushed to her side and glared at Sean with fury, turning his staff on him. Sean didn’t even twitch, entranced by the fire that was beginning to spread from his dropped lighter.

“Honestly how useless you are,” Kiri muttered, wincing as Jonathan knocked her to the grass. “You may not be useless but you certainly are…” She let out a feral snarl “A pain!” She bit at his arm, hard enough to bleed, and struck with a fist one last time in his stomach. Wiping the crimson from her lips, she turned to see RizeGreymon between the fights. Aiming his gun, the Ultimate fired.

“Trident Revolver!” The blasts missed, but the shockwaves sent Youkomon and Kiri both into trees. Youkomon devolved all the way to In-Training and Kiri hit the ground, both out cold with her own blood dripping from her mouth.

The thump of her body against the ground shook Luca from the stupor of battle. His eyes locked on his cousin and the pupils dilated with terror. Kiri…

Everyone’s going to die… I’m going to be alone…. The house is empty… Akira’s gone…Kiri just got… Sean’s all pained and Liollmon…


Feral hatred mixed with cool understanding began to rise in his heart. Liollmon could stop it. He could kill the enemy and stop the others from fighting. His Rookie form could take out a Champion. What could his Champion form do?

As though he could read his mind, the Rookie turned to his human. “Human” didn’t seem to apply to him, eyes darker and wilder than anything. His stance was that of a crouched predator. For the first time, Liollmon felt his heart stop with fear. All of the enemies I ever fought, all those different digimon, none of them ever felt this dark. Luca, what are you going to do?



The boy’s voice was deadly soft. “You’ll help me right? You won’t leave me right?”

“Of course I won't leave. I'm your partner. What do you need?” If the fear in him wasn’t so strong, he would have been offended.

“Okay I need you to do something.” His orange D-Core was shining but the light was grey and darkening by the minute. “Liollmon,” Luca ordered in a growl. “Evolve!”

As they ran to Highton View Terrace, Kari abruptly stopped, her eyes widening and a pounding chill resounded in her chest. What is this? It’s almost like… the very earth is tainted? Something’s affecting the Digital World? But what could be so evil that I can feel it from here?

“Kari?” Tai had turned back to her, brown eyes worried.

“We need to hurry Tai! I don’t think those kids are going to survive!” It might have been easier if she were right.

The evolution was twisted, vacant, nothing like the feeling of power rushing through your veins, of growing into something new and confident. This was evil yet it was not dark. Liollmon felt terror for the briefest instant, and then he felt anger: anger at himself, anger at these false allies, and anger at those who dared to hurt the people he cared for. They had to be punished. They had to die.


Out burst a muscular grown lion, its brown mane wild and shaggy and twin tails slicing with fury. On each of its ears were two silver Holy Rings that glinted in the blaze. The blue eyes that glared out were full of hate.

Jonathan tried to stand, shaking as he gaped at the lion. He couldn’t explain why but he felt cold. The new Champion felt unearthly, as though in some part of the data, something had been horribly corrupted. “What… what on earth is that?”

“Liamon, a Champion level Holy Beast Digimon. His special attacks are Critical Strike and Thunder of Kings.” Luca’s voice was creepily flat as he read the data his D-Core showed him. “First we’ll kill the dragon…” His blue eyes were chillingly indifferent as they locked on Blair before resting on their leader. “Then we’ll start with you.” He pocketed his D-Core. “Liamon.”

“Thunder of Kings!” The lion’s mane began to spark and glow before the electricity burst out, stabbing bolts into the dragon’s body. RizeGreymon, already injured by the earlier assault of three Champions, was terribly affected, roaring his pain out to the sky in a frenzy of malice. He retaliated.

“Solid Strike!” Liamon dodged hurriedly, continuing to release electricity. Seeing the light broke Sean from his trance as he looked all around him. Seeing Kiri out cold, he cursed. Damn it! Damn it all! Everything’s been shot all to hell! This is my fault! I couldn’t keep my promise! Where’s Luca? Where in God’s name is-? Oh no. He saw him, watching the battle dully, hands in his pockets, eyes full of a feral rage. The madness is centered on him. Where’s his partner? That lion? ****! Liamon kept attacking, getting closer to killing his enemy. And quietly, gradually Luca’s blank expression was turning into a heartless smile.

No! The thought kept echoing in his head and heart. No Luca, don’t you dare follow your cousins into this. It's too late for them. I swore on Kiri’s life that I’d keep you safe if she couldn’t, even if it’s from all that madness! “Dorumon!” The dragon turned, having been hopping around desperately to avoid the electricity. “We need to end this fight the only way we can! You have to digivolve!”

Dorumon looked at the fighting of his fellow Digimon before looking at the fragile creatures scattered across the clearing. Humans really need Digimon. “Okay Sean,” he agreed. “This needs to stop right now.” Sean held the glowing digivice in his pocket.

“Dorumon evolve! Dorugamon!”

A gale of laughter echoed through the palace. The bearded man roared with mirth, body shaking as he clutched his staff desperately. He chortled again, returning his demonic eyes to the sight before him.

“What ever could be so amusing Barbamon?” Lillithmon walked up to him, swaying her hips in the casual way that a human woman mocked a man. “You haven’t laughed like that in many years.”

“These humans are so incredibly amusing. A mere pawn of ours is turning them against each other.”

“Oh? Do tell.”

“Two have fallen to madness and a third is within an inch. Those others, it amazes me how it doesn’t affect them yet. But those three will change that I’m sure. Two of them belong to that brat’s family after all. They were born for the taint.

“It’ll spread even faster than expected.” Lillithmon’s sultry tone sounded pleased. “Plus all those who fell into the ocean, they won’t hurt it any. And that Spore is just waiting to be plucked off the tree like an apple.” She scowled almost unnoticeably.

“Our master has never failed us before on this. As if he would now. Just one world, just this one world, and everything will be according to how it must be.”

The purple dragon had grown and also had wings. Dorugamon looked between the fighters and quickly took off, soaring. “Cannonball!” The iron blasts hit in the same spot repeatedly, preventing Liamon’s strike to kill the Digimon, deleting it himself. At that moment, Sean grabbed the ten year old harshly and spun him around. Luca stared at him, eyes perfectly blank.

“Enough of this Luca. Save your strength for them. Liamon killed already, there’s no need to hurry.”

Luca glanced over at their other teammates. “I’m not finished yet. The enemies aren’t all gone.”

“Of course they’re not gone,” Sean said darkly, looking at his partner that was trying to calm down the lion. “They aren’t here but they’re watching. There’s no point in wasting energy on this.”

“They’re enemies,” insisted Luca, expression finally changing. “Akira told us to defeat every enemy and to stay together.”

Sean sighed. “Yeah I know what he said but stupidity doesn’t make them our enemy. Not now. Besides Kiri would never forgive you if you killed a human.” Now whether she did is another story. I really don't think she cares anymore.

“But…I…” It was fading. Sean could see it.

“No Luca. This is enough. There’s been enough today. Okay?”

“…Yeah.” Sean slumped. Then he looked around again and thought with a bitter anger.

Satisfied yet Gennai?
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."