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A/N: Credit goes to PlatinumDude for use of his International Digi-Destined character, Jack Reynolds. Jack will be in Jonathan’s team from now on, so get used to it, peeps.

Chapter 6: Words of Wisdom

Arriving back in Odaiba with the rest of his team, Jonathan was nonetheless shaken. He had narrowly escaped after Kiri tried to end his life. Glancing at his group, he saw that Kiri was still unconscious and Luca stood apart from Blair and himself. Staggering over to a tree, he weakly placed a hand on the bark. His heart was racing, and his head was pounding with the beginnings of a headache. Sweat was pouring off him and he was trembling slightly.

That ***** tried to kill me! His mind was reeling from its panic and couldn’t help but repeat this thought over and over.

Luca stood off to the side, face cloaked in shadow. Sean clutched Kiri on his back as he limped over. Dorimon trotted exhaustedly at his side, ruby eyes dull with sadness, a contrast to yesterday. “We screwed up, didn't we?” Sean asked, looking at the little exhausted puff on Luca's shoulder.

Luca shrugged, darkness still lingering in his aura as he glared in Jonathan's direction. “I won't forgive him... he hurt Kiri.” The beast quality in his words was painful. “He said he was a leader. He lied too.”

“So have we,” Sean pointed out.

“They wouldn't have believed you anyway,” Viximon had been trotting weakly at her partner's side, ears drooping. “Kiri said the nightmares weren't enough truth. They don't happen anymore. Besides, you said it too: you act dumb and reckless. Who would have believed the madness?”

“They were on the news. Why not?” Sean said.

“Bad stuff's easy to forget if it's not yours.” Luca suddenly walked over to Jonathan. “No one knows about crazy anyway.” Sean tensed, seeing Jonathan do the same. Luca stopped a foot away, locking eyes with the dazed leader.

“If you ever get Kiri killed,” the child whispered. “If you ever do something as bad as what you did again, I'll find a way to permanently delete Wormmon.”

Sean couldn’t help but gape. That was too far. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life.” Luca’s partner, Frimon, finished.

“I don’t want to but,” Luca turned away. “If you make me alone, I’ll make you alone.” He started to walk away, his soft nature torn away to reveal an animal.

Sean went to follow him, but paused for a moment, gazing at the horror-struck teens around him. “You guys are stupid,” he said. “You mean you know so much about the Digital World and you never felt the crazy before? You guys call it darkness. It’s not, it’s just the lunacy and all of us fell to it today. We could have warned you, but why bother? We’re just stupid, naive brats right?” He left slowly. “See ya, Fearless Leader. Great job.”

The teen vaguely registered that a group of people were hanging around. It wasn’t until a distantly familiar voice spoke up that he looked at them. At first all he saw were blurry outlines but, as his eyes focused, he saw the figure of a cerise-haired girl.

“Tai, it’s him!” the girl cried out ecstatically. The length of her hair was just past her shoulders. Her shirt was short, with blue on the top and red on the bottom.

Tai, the tall brown-haired boy, stepped forward. “Leave him alone, Mimi,” he chastised, amusement mixed with concern lacing his features. “It looks like they just got run through a cheese grater.” Tai looked like he had just come out of Odaiba’s High School. He gave a lopsided grin. “I’m Tai Kamiya, nice to meet ya. You’re… who, exactly?”

Jonathan indicated he needed a couple more minutes to recover before he would be able to speak properly. Tai nodded and waited patiently, all the while hearing the other teen’s ragged breathing. Finally, Jonathan spoke: “I’m Jonathan Lucas, and my neighbour over there is Blair Morgan. Blair, what are you doing? Get over here.”

“What now?” the girl complained, but still came over to Jonathan’s side. Tai winced almost imperceptibly at the injuries covering the pair. Who has time for a fistfight while your Digimon are protecting you? Oh wait a minute, I did that.

“I’m the leader of this team,” Tai explained, motioning to the seven other children who were gathered around him. “My sister Kari caught a glimpse of you guys the other day.” He glanced down the street at the distant figures of Sean and company. “It looks like you’ve been through more than just an argument.” Looks more like the three of them tried to kill you themselves and came close to doing it. Not to mention what that guy said. They definitely aren’t thinking straight.

Jonathan coughed pointedly. “Luca blames me for Kiri getting hurt. There wasn’t anything I could do to prevent it from happening.”

Tai had an understanding look on his face. “It looks like you’ve still got a ways to go. Learning to think ahead or on your feet are two things a leader needs to try,” he advised. “How long have you been Digi-Destined?”

Jonathan was about to reply, when Blair interrupted. “Roughly four days. Why? What’s it to you?”

A small smile crossed Tai’s face. “Well, you’ve got some time then. It took us forever to really get what we had to do there. Saving the world was low on our priority list. We made a lot of mistakes, but learning from them was actually a lot better than we thought.”

An expression of shock appeared on Jonathan’s face, before a shorter boy than Tai stepped forward. “I’m Izzy Izumi,” the boy introduced himself. “Now, if I may ask, could either of you tell me how Wizardmon was reconfigured. I was told-” Tai cut Izzy off.

“Izzy, relax a minute. I know you’re curious, but we’re in public. This is not something you just shout to the world.”

“Tai, this is critical information! It could open up a whole branch of possibilities! Besides, it’s not like you don’t want to know either.”

Tai gave a playful little scowl. It was true. “But everyone’s staring at us. Let’s go to the terrace courtyards where there’s less people.”

While Tai and Izzy were conversing, Jonathan had packed up his laptop and had it under one arm. As soon as Izzy had agreed to Tai’s request, the group left. Unbeknownst to Jonathan and Blair, three more children were following them.


“How did this all start?” Kari asked quietly as the three groups sat on the seats that were littered about the courtyards.

Blair snorted impatiently. “You don’t remember a black-haired girl cowering next to you four years ago when Phantomon and the Bakemon were skulking around? That was me. The Bakemon scared you and Gatomon off and that was when Phantomon struck, giving me this for life.” She paused and partially removed the eye patch, which resulted in moans of pity.

“I was seven when Greymon fought off Parrotmon,” Jonathan supplied.

“Wait, wait!” Davis shouted. He had been one of the three children trailing Jonathan and Blair. “You and I were scanned at the same age!”

“That’s right, Davis. Just remember I’m four years older than you,” Jonathan said matter-of-factly.

Tai tilted his head out of curiosity. “You were around four years ago, too, Jonathan?”

Jonathan nodded. “I was. After Kari and Angewomon defeated Myotismon, I tried to get Blair to safety. But she kept crying Wizardmon’s name, repeating something about he would come back, that they were destined to be partners. I was only eleven at the time, so I thought it was just stuff she was making up.”

“She wasn’t, though, was she?” Izzy spoke slowly. When Jonathan shook his head, he continued. “I should have checked the grave.”

Blair stared at the computer genius with a raised eyebrow. A golden-blonde boy took up the explanation. “Matt Ishida, at your service. When we took down the Dark Masters, a lot of the friends we made in the Digital World were deleted. Wizardmon died in our world. In their honour, we dug a grave and placed his body inside.”

“I still don’t understand,” Izzy muttered, seemingly at a loss. “This goes against what Gennai told me.”

Yolei butted in. “I bet the Digital World just knew it was time for Wizardmon to come back.”

Joe looked at Poromon’s partner. “You’re probably right, Yolei. Izzy, any luck with Gennai yet?”

“Still nothing, Joe,” the computer expert answered.

While the other Digi-Destined were talking, Mimi’s flirtatious advances were increasingly embarrassing Jonathan. She was batting her eyelids at him, edging closer to him, stroking a hand down his face. Tai was watching what was happening and was amused by it, but did nothing to stop Mimi, even after Jonathan gave a strangled cry when the girl kissed him on the cheek.

“Tai! Why aren’t you doing anything?” Jonathan searched for his personal space.

The other boy laughed. “Nothing I can do Jonathan, sorry. Once they’ve found you, they’re not going to leave,” Tai responded, looking at his own girlfriend. Sora Takenouchi stared back at him, love clearly in both teens’ eyes as Tai gave Sora a hug and she returned the favour by kissing him.

Oh ****! Jonathan thought, on the verge of panicking. He wasn’t ready for a girlfriend yet; after all, the Digital World had to be saved.

“Tai!” Davis called out. “I think you’re forgetting something!”

Tai turned away reluctantly, but sighed as he gave himself a light facepalm. “Thanks for reminding me, Davis,” Tai replied. “I can’t believe I forgot. You guys should talk to your families about your partners. I don’t think you can keep making excuses when you take two days to get back.”

Blair nodded dismissively; she couldn’t wait to go home. Jonathan knew the importance of this issue, especially after his mother was set to talk to him about it when she recovered. He tried to keep his distance from Mimi, who was still lavishing him with attention, but it was to no avail. Eventually, Tai called to Mimi and told his team that it was getting late.

Oh phew, Jonathan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t get too comfortable,” Tai said, with Sora by his side, as he walked past Jonathan. “I know for a fact Mimi’ll be after you again the next time we meet.”

Jonathan tensed as Mimi strolled by him and blew a kiss in his direction. When and if I decide to accept Mimi’s advances, I hope she isn’t too much of a handful.


Later that night, Jonathan nodded and smiled at his mother who was still lying in her bed. “Alright. It's a long story, but I won’t leave anything out.”

“Sounds good to me,” Brianna replied.

Jonathan quickly told his mother about the nightmares and the Digivices they had received. He went on to explain how he, Sean, Kiri and Luca (with Blair already having hers) had gotten their Digimon partners. The teen gave quite a colourful account of their battles with Kabukimon and Cyberdramon and his henchmen. Jonathan did his best to explain that they would be able to achieve Ultimate and Mega Digivolution, and he finished off his story with the team going their own ways for a while.

“Hmm, sounds like quite the adventure you’ve had. No wonder you’ve always been cutting it fine coming home,” his mother laughed slightly.

“This is my partner. His name’s Wormmon,” the boy replied. Jonathan bent down, picked the Rookie off the floor and held him in his arms for his mother to see.

“Wormmon, did you say? He looks so cute,” Brianna cooed.

Immediately, both Jonathan and Wormmon’s faces reddened in embarrassment. “I have to go now, Mum. I need to eat dinner,” Jonathan said.

“Okay, dear.”


Jonathan and Blair returned to the Digital World two days later. Without them realizing it, the DigiPort had sent them to a beach section of File Island this time. Before they had any time to gather their sense of direction, a large turtle with spikes on his shell and blades for front flippers surfaced from under the water. His beak was pink on top and there were green antennae sticking up from the back of his head.

“I’m Archelomon, an Armour Digimon,” the turtle introduced himself, his voice sounding reedy.

Both teens tensed, waiting for an attack that they hoped would never come. Archelomon made what looked to be a shrugging motion. “I’ve heard about your spate of luck recently. Don’t worry; I’m not going to attack you. Moreover, I’m here to get your help.”

“Our help? What do ya want OUR help for?” Blair’s voice rose.

The turtle turned to Blair. “The Digimon belonging to Tai’s team have come under attack just today by two rogue Harpymon. I suspect that they are minions of Cyberdramon, but I can’t be sure. I’d like you to help these Digimon fight off the Harpymon.”

“We’ll do it,” Jonathan got in first. “If we’re going to save the Digital World, we have to help its residents as well.”

“Huh? Jonathan? WHAT?!” Blair yelled.

“Blair, don’t worry about it,” Jonathan replied quickly. Addressing Archelomon, he said: “They’re Armour Digimon, too, right?” The turtle nodded. “Then they’re at the Champion level, just like Kabukimon, Sealsdramon and Lynxmon were. They’ll be no sweat.”

Archelomon inclined his head to the east. “They’re down that way.”

“Thanks for the directions, Archelomon!” Jonathan called back as he dragged Blair with him.


“Get off me!” Blair almost screamed. She struggled to pry Jonathan’s hand off her arm, but failed miserably.

“Be quiet, will you? If it hasn’t already, your screaming will have alerted the Harpymon to our presence!” Jonathan hissed back. He peered up over the rock that separated them from the two opposing sides of Digimon. They had followed Archelomon’s directions and were on the furthest side of the beach, with rocks strewn everywhere. Those Harpymon aren’t aware of our presence yet, but... hang on, why is there only one of them? Jonathan carefully looked around the clearing in an attempt to find the second Harpymon. He was unsuccessful. “Come on, let’s go!”

The teen vaulted over the small boulder. He faced the remaining Harpymon who was antagonizing Agumon and the rest of his friends. “Agumon, we’re here to help you!” he called to the reptile-like Rookie.

Blair made a fuss over walking around the rock, but was ready with Wizardmon by her side when the Harpymon dived towards them. She was a big bird-like Digimon with massive talons and wings that could be devastating. Her chest and head was armoured, and on the head armour were two feathers.

Wormmon had already Digivolved and was waiting as back-up, in case Wizardmon needed help. While Blair and her partner were fighting the Champion level bird, Jonathan was questioning the Rookies. “What happened to the other Harpymon?”

“They were fighting with each other,” Agumon replied. “One too many Wind Seekers took its toll and the male Harpymon was deleted.”

Jonathan paused for a moment, and then his eyes widened in shock. ****! Wind Seeker is that powerful? I better warn Blair! “Blair, don’t let her hit you with too many Wind Seeker attacks. The other Harpymon was deleted because of their signature technique!”

“Got it!” she called back.

Deciding to up the ante in light of that information, Stingmon used his Spiking Strike move against the female Harpymon who had narrowly dodged an Electro Squall from Wizardmon. The bird Digimon screeched in pain and her data was vaporized as she reformed into a Digi-Egg.

Several minutes later, Blair was growing tired of having to put up with hearing the Rookies thank them continuously. “Alright, we get it! We saved you, you’re grateful! Can we go now, Jonathan?”

Jonathan smiled sheepishly at the Rookie Digimon. “Sorry, she’s always been like this. Yes, Blair, we can go. I’m coming, you know?”


Back in the real world, Tai had approached Jonathan and Blair once more. He asked them to come over to the courtyards for a second time for a bit more of a talk. Jonathan agreed, being the generous type, and ignored Blair’s protests as they followed Tai to the Highton View Terrace complex again.

As they walked there, they were yet to realize that this meeting would bring with it a surprise they definitely were not expecting. Going through the entrance gates, everything seemed ordinary as expected of Highton View Terrace, but then a figure jumped down from one of the massive courtyard trees.

A tall teen straightened himself. He had brown hair, with white streaks in it. “The name’s Jack, Jack Reynolds. Pleased to meet you.” Jack wore a thin short-sleeved green shirt. His pants were blue shorts with multiple pockets and a red jacket went over his shirt. “Formerly a member of the International Digi-Destined, but I’ve come to join your team.”
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