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Chapter 9: Effort’s Loss

Interesting…Cyberdramon thought. They activated a DNA Digivolution. But really, do they assume that will be enough? He carefully released the Digidestined, who stared at him with a mixture of fear and confusion. A dead hostage was useless after all. Don't these children know anything? He took to the air and soared toward the new Digimon. “Cyber Nail!”

“Curse of Broken Luck!” The seal formed around the dragon’s claws, destroying the attack. FangHexmon followed up with a “Curse of Reflection!” The Magical Game burst into thunder, striking Cyberdramon’s wings. He hissed sharply before spiraling away higher into the air. His hands formed a silver orb.

“Desolation Claw!” The slashing air tore into the DNA Ultimate, knocking it back and bleeding.

“Curse of Reflection!” The physical attack tore through the dragon skin, making him bleed slightly on his chest.

“Awesome!” Davis exclaimed. “Look at him go!”

Yolei agreed with a grin. “Keep it up!”

However, TK was watching in silence. Something’s wrong, he thought darkly. Surely someone can see this. Why is no one here? And more importantly… why is Cyberdramon still smiling? FangHexmon turned in midair, surveying his opponent.

“Curse of Demise,” they hissed, making sure to keep out of earshot. Within seconds icy shards sprung up around his enemy.

“Desolation Claw!”

“Curse of Broken Luck!” Desolation Claw vanished as though it had never been and Curse of Demise struck lightning burns into Cyberdramon. Surprisingly, the Digimon only smirked icily.

“Got you.” He vanished, leaving FangHexmon to look around in wonder.

“How the hell did he just vanish like that?” Blair snapped at no one, full of anger.

Kari looked over and suddenly screamed. “FangHexmon, behind you!”

“Too late.” Cyberdramon flickered only inches away. “Desolation Claw!” Tens of hundreds of little blades tore into the DNA Digimon at close range. Kari and Blair both felt a terrible pain deep in their chest, and fell to their knees. But it was nothing compared to the pain their digimon suffered, tearing them both almost to total deletion. Lucky for them, they were fortunate enough to return to In-Training, thrown brutally to their partners’ sides.

Cyberdramon hovered in the air, ignoring the small little injuries that flanked him. Now that I look again, TK thought, tearing away from the horror that had just occurred. It’s like he didn’t even feel it! They were the same level! That Cyberdramon… what the hell happened to make him so powerful?

The Ultimate level spoke, voice icily cruel. “Weaklings, all of you. Why does our Master fear you? Even with a sudden digivolution, you couldn’t even bare your teeth against me at a quarter of my strength.” He raised a hand. “I should just kill you right now and spare Master the trouble.” He glanced past them all and paused. “But it seems there is someone here who could kill me if they wanted to. So I’m sorry to say you get to keep your lives a bit longer. Enjoy them while you can. It will make your death so much more meaningful.” He soared away, still smirking.

…They lost. They used a DNA Digivolution and they still lost.

Oh come on now, is it really that surprising? Their compatibility sucked ass. I don’t know why the hell Gennai assumed they could be partners simply because of the Digimon.

Must you always be so harsh?

I’m cruel and you’re kind. Remember how this works?

You aren’t cruel to everyone.

I’m gonna be cruel to them, that’s for damn sure. Those brats have been coddled since their first day. I’m gonna beat that out of all of them.

Are you sure this is the right method?

No. But who gives a ****? There has never been a “right” way to do things. Assuming that there is got the Sovereigns where they are: weak and useless.

…That’s true.

The fools won’t die, if that’s what you’re afraid of. I’m not gonna dunk them either. It’d be hilarious though.

I’m joking.

No you’re not. I know you too well. Sadly I agree with you. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

I highly doubt I’ll have to dunk them. The heroic types fall on their own.

I just wish they wouldn’t fall at all.

Okay, remember this, oh child with pure heart: you fell too. You can wish and dream all you want, but everybody loses at least once.

…I know.

Best to try and cushion them when they land then.

“I can’t believe it!”

“Chill out Davis. We know.” TK rolled his eyes at the currently scowling Digidestined splayed over his living room couch like he owned it. The other Digidestined were in various places in his living room. Blair and Kari were both on the floor bandaging their Digimon. He glanced worriedly at the crestfallen girl, feeling grateful that both of the Digimon were still alive, at the very least.

Usually, when we reach a new digivolution, the new stage is enough to even the playing field and score a win. But it didn’t even manage that. And the way he was talking, there’s no way it could have. Was the species that strong or is he just special? Either way, we’re just… we’re just too weak.

He didn’t say it. No one had to. They knew.

“So then,” Tai began, reclining back on the armrest. “What the hell was that all about?”

“Simple,” Matt replied, straightening from his place on a cushion. “There was a new power and it wasn't enough. The new generation was weak and has to get stronger.”

Blair snarled. “Don't call us weak you jack-ass! Just because we haven't been doing this as long as you-”

“Blair, back off,” Jonathan warned, trying to soothe his constantly anxious Digimon.

“Why?” Blair snapped. “He's underestimating us!”

You sound like Kiri, the leader wanted to snap but swallowed it hard. His chest burned at the thought of her, her last expression being one of pure bloodlust as she tried to murder him. “Don't you think he might have a point? All of us saw the new evolution and thought we could win. Part of our team was nearly murdered trying to stop him and we simply assumed having the same level meant we could do it.” He concluded bitterly. “I guess that didn't work.”

“I believe it was a one-time thing,” Izzy muttered from in the midst of calculations.

TK frowned. “What makes you say that?”

“For one the Digimon were the ones compatible, not the humans. That's not the same bond. Secondly, Kari already has a DNA partner. There's no real reason for her to need another one. Besides, Blair is currently incapable of bonding in the way required for a constant DNA Digivolution.”


“Meaning she's antisocial,” Davis muttered derisively, only to be whacked in the head by Yolei. Luckily Blair didn't catch that.

“Well that's quite a predicament,” Jonathan thought aloud. “How are we supposed to reach higher levels without any assistance? We don't exactly have... Crests...” An idea popped into his head. “That's it! Earlier we met a Digimon named Vajramon. He told us we're supposed to get some object similar to a Crest! We just have to find them!”

Izzy turned to beam at Jonathan. “Prodigious memory Jonathan! Now then, Gennai has no choice but to help us locate them. He must know where they are.”

“You really shouldn’t rely on Gennai for help,” a voice mused passively from the doorway.


The dragon crouched there, looking many sorts of humble. His visor-covered head was bowed almost religiously toward the cave’s center. Something shapeless lurked in its depths. He smiled quietly.

“I have returned Master.” A voice melded like sludge replied slowly.


Cyberdramon’s smile turned into a sneer. “Weak and worthless, just like you assumed, my lord. They fight like newborns; fodder ready for the slaughter.” All but the missing ones. They fought like us. It was beautifully dreadful. His head suddenly pulsed as his vision washed in and out. Why do they feel familiar?

“…Were they all there?”

“I’m afraid not. Three were still missing.” Those three again. The mass chuckled eerily.

“…Good. That’s good for now.” Cyberdramon paused, feeling confusion amidst pain.

“Master?” His lord ignored him.

“…Never mind now.... They are still alive I assume?”

“Of course.”

Cyberdramon swore he felt a smile. “…Good. …Now it… begins.” The darkness seemed to pulse. “...Go now and... never forget who you are.”

The dragon bowed. “Yes my lord.”

He soared slowly out of the cave, picking up speed in his low flight. Then, as his head continued to pound, his body gave out and he slammed into the sand, skidding into a heap. He glimpsed a face, a child's face, a hateful face...

“Hey are you okay?”

“You saved me.”

“I don't think I could do this alone. Will you help me?”

“All of us... it's not that we're strong. I think it's just that... we're together. I bet if we were alone like when we started, we had no chance.”

“Please you have to protect them. They're all alone out there. If I disappear, please watch over them.”

Lies, it was all lies!

“You don't exist!” he screamed to the sky, full of fury and pain along with something much deeper. That kind one is a lie, a lie! No one like that is real! “You are a lie, you are a monster! You were never kind! You massacred us all!”

“You're wrong. He didn't do that.” The dragon turned and growled. Those eyes...



It was a hunt. They were set to find the unknown. It was unknown to fools, to naïve ones but to them it was imprinted in their heads. This is what they were for, what they had turned their backs on their comrades to find. They would protect this world. After all there was no way they could trust mere children.

A sudden reverberation in their head made them all still. One is missing. One is not here any longer. Where? Where could it have gone? Too late! We’re too late! They found one. But they can’t use it can they? They can? How? We must secure the others. Master will not forgive us otherwise.


Everyone turned to see a blond girl standing in the entrance. Behind her lurked Luca. The ten year old was looking at his shoes, not even glancing at the many Digidestined.

“Who are you? And how did you get in here?”

“You’re that girl…” Jonathan remembered her. She was an enigma who had kicked them brutally out of Kiriko’s home after she disappeared. He saw the boy, whose eyes flickered toward them before lowering again. Kari felt a shudder of recognition, of kinship. I've never seen her before in my life, yet it feels like I've known her forever. Looking at the boy, she felt that familiar revulsion. He was in the Ocean. Poor child.

The blond nodded. “That’s right. As for how we got in…”

“Your door was unlocked.” Sean waved mischievously from the other side. He saw the rest of his former group and shied back, looking uncomfortable. She turned to him.

“Don’t do that Sean,” she scolded. “You need energy right now. We’ve got training in a minute.”

“Says you,” he replied and grinned again at them all, looking at Blair and winking playfully. She blinked in confusion, unable to reply.

Tai took the initiative and asked. “What do you mean about Gennai?”

The blond shrugged. “Simple. Don’t completely rely on him. He’s not here for you, but for the Digital World.”

“Isn’t that our cause too?” Kari asked quietly.

“Your cause, in the end, is always your life. Don’t flatter yourself and say it’s anything else.” Luca’s voice was coldly quiet, looking more like his cousin than ever. Kari shivered. What did the Dark Ocean do to this child?

The blond nodded. “It’s only coincidental that the two problems are melded together. Save the world and save your life. It’s simple.” She turned away. “Just thought I’d warn you. G’bye.” She strolled away, the other two at her heels with their Digimon.

They all looked at each other. Before anyone could comment, Tanemon began to glow in Blair's arms. Blair moved her arms away to reveal the familiar form of a Palmon. Almost immediately as the light faded, there was a unified recoil. There were terrible torn stitch marks on the plant's mouth. The threads were clearly forcibly ripped apart.

“How in the world...?” Sora began, utterly dumbstruck.

“Who did this to you?” Kari whispered, overcome with terror and sympathy.

I can answer that if you'd like. Kari turned and felt a sense of familiarity wash over her.

“You are...”
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."