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Chapter 16: Past Invitation

Night had fallen over the Digital World; for the Digi-Destined, they hoped it was their last night. They all really wanted to go back to the real world and were sure their parents had put “missing” posters up by now. The Digi-Destined and their partners were sleeping soundly; all were fast asleep in fact, except for Wizardmon who stood with his back against a tree watching the stars in the sky and Gatomon, who was shifting restlessly in her unconscious state. As she had been for the past few nights, the feline seemed to have trouble getting a proper sleep. Wizardmon had, of course, noticed this but said nothing, thinking his ally would recover from whatever nightmares she was having.

Gatomon cried out and Wizardmon was at her side in an instant. “What is it?” he whispered. When he naturally received no response, he at first hesitated, but gently placed his hand on her forehead. Mentally, he frowned — Gatomon had told him off five years ago for reading her thoughts, would she be disappointed with him after this?

She was walking up many stairs as a Salamon; looking up, she saw a pair of wings. It was Myotismon’s cape. The Ultimate level Digimon frowned down at her. “If you look at me with those eyes, I’ll have to hurt you.” He had said and indeed kept his promise. The edges of his cape flew back, a red whip appeared in his hand and he yelled: “Crimson Lightning!”

Phantomon had been assigned to bring her from her room to witness the punishment of a Digimon who disobeyed Myotismon’s laws. Nothing about the incident seemed out of the ordinary, until she saw the Digimon, that is; it was the same Renamon who had raised her. “NO! Leave her alone! She didn’t do anything to you!” She screamed in fright. Phantomon glanced at Myotismon and nodded. His expression told Myotismon everything and Myotismon deleted Renamon with a rapid Crimson Lightning.

“I hate Myotismon for what he did to me,” Gatomon muttered darkly as she ran away from the castle with Wizardmon’s help. “And for what he did to Renamon.” Preoccupied with fleeing for her life, she still had time to briefly look down at her claw-like glove on her left paw; her eyes narrowed and it seemed easy to tell she was thinking about the scar on her limb.

Wizardmon took his hand off Gatomon’s forehead and narrowed his eyes in concern. The fact that she was thinking, no — having nightmares, about her past meant something was wrong. He vowed to talk to her privately about it tomorrow, for now he needed shut-eye of his own. Wizardmon walked back to Blair’s side and lay down.


The next day, everyone woke up to a clear blue sky. Gatomon was preoccupied and Wizardmon tried to talk to her, but she seemed to be ignoring him, which wasn’t like her at all. Tai and the other Digi-Destined soon shifted the conversation to HolyFenrirmon’s battle against Andiramon’s Mega level, Diaboromon.

Tai was clearly fanatical about the Master level Digimon’s victory over Diaboromon. “That was awesome! Finally, we’re taking a step forward! Soon we’ll be able to beat all of them for sure!”

Jonathan analyzed Tai for a moment, before frowning slightly and crossing his arms. “Yeah, but you heard Diaboromon’s last words, didn’t you? “The Child of Knowledge and India’s heir will be next”. We all know that the Child of Knowledge is Izzy, but who is India’s heir?”

“Mina,” Jack answered. “Mina Asthana. Relax already; we should be celebrating our victory, not worrying about minor details like that.”

Jack quickly became rowdy as he participated in a heated, yet fun, conversation Tai and Matt were having. Mimi tried several times to apologize to Izzy, but the computer genius had zoned out; Mimi’s attempts fell on deaf ears. T.K. was still concerned about Kari, fretting on whether or not she was really alright. And finally, Tai broke away from his conversation with Matt and had some alone time with Sora.

Gennai materialized in front of the Digi-Destined, who were still in the midst of loud laughter and joy. “Everyone, it is time,” the Watcher said. This simple statement gained the attention of all of the children.

“Time for what?” Jonathan asked, his laughter fading as his eyes narrowed. He suspected he knew what this was about, but wanted to be sure.

“Time that you know the truth. Miss Ryutori revealed things she shouldn’t have, didn’t she?” Gennai answered. There was silence as they all nodded. “Then let’s begin. Before your team came to the Digital World, Tai, a group led by Akira came here.”

“Who the hell’s Akira?!” Blair snapped.

“He’s my brother,” Kiri’s voice was soft as it echoed through the clearing. She walked into plain sight, Viximon asleep in her arms. The sword hilt glinted on her back. Her eyes had black circles under them. “He led a group into the Digital World before Tai and after another group, an International one. They were the oldest to go through.”

The look that crossed everyone’s faces was that of stunned shock. They hadn’t realized that the International Digi-Destined they knew weren’t the original world wide team.

Gennai remained unperturbed. “You know an awful lot, don’t you?” he asked.

Kiri smiled sadly. “I know everything about the past, Gennai. Having the friends I have, not to mention the ability to defy the borders, it tells you a lot of things.”

“I see.” He paused. “It’s a good thing you and I made that vow then, wasn’t it?”

Again, that dead smile appeared. “I suppose it is for you. All those things that went wrong, you weren’t willing to take responsibility for them.”

“I was not-”

“I didn’t say you were.” Jonathan caught it, a glimpse of fury in Gennai’s eyes.

“Are you jealous of Sinead?”

She shook her head no. “I actually feel very glad for her. Everything worked out, despite the circumstances.”

“You treat her with more respect than your own team.” Watching them both, Kari felt a vague sensation of sadness. She didn’t know what it was or why and it tore her heart.

Kiri shrugged. “You’ve been holding their hands. The dangers they faced could have been much worse than they were.”

“We were not-”

The fourteen-year-old cut in. “It was not what you were after, no. Nor am I saying that they were not at risk. However, you cannot deny that you kept a very close eye on them after what happened with the previous group.”

“We didn’t expect there to be such difficulties.” She scowled lightly. Is that what they call all of those things? A difficulty?

“You didn’t expect the Digimon Emperor, either. At least, not who it was. Humanity throws a spin on things, doesn’t it?”

Gennai tried to reason: “They had been destroyed and wielded little power at the time. It was unexpected that they would be strong enough to actually rebel again.”

“They had rebelled before and miraculously survived the war they had wrought. I’m more bothered by the fact that you didn’t do anything to them for the past six years when you knew they were planning something.”

“Neither team was suited to combat them!”

The teen snorted. “We certainly aren’t. Quantity doesn’t mean anything when the worst you have to face is yourself! Crazy and corrupted darkness aside, the way that they see themselves as unable to be in the wrong and that light is always good is what will be preyed on! That noble straight path worked on MaloMyotismon, Apocalymon, Diaboromon, and all the others because that was something they understood little to nothing about! Our enemy understands that and lives off of those very emotions! We will, in essence, make it worse.”

“What in the world are you talking about?” Blair snapped, feeling completely out of the loop.

Kiri sighed and for a moment, her body blurred. “I suppose I can say it now, can’t I?”

He gave a reluctant nod. “Yes, you may.”

Kiriko nodded and looked up at the sky. “Six years ago, Akira-nii-chan was sealed away in the gaps between the worlds by the Demon Lords. Their leader resides in the Dark Ocean and is a creature which grows stronger with the very emotions we feel all the time.”

“And you know this for certain how?” Jonathan couldn’t help the scepticism.

“She fell into the Dark Ocean with her cousin and personally saw it,” Gennai supplied, a quiet misery in his voice. “Miss Ryutori is quite lucky she isn’t dead.”

Kiri laughed icily, the sound shrilly childish. “Dead? I’m lucky I’m still here right now! You would have killed me ages ago if I hadn’t kept my mouth shut!”

For the first time since he had appeared to them, Gennai actually looked unsettled. “That was not my intention!”

“It might as well have been,” she countered, her edges phasing again. “You threatened to replace the Catal Unit inside my unstable body even after seeing my data! That wouldn’t have just killed me, that would have been the end of the Digital World.”

Izzy, whose curiosity was overriding the sickening feeling that had been plaguing him, inquired. “What exactly is the Catal Unit and why would it destroy the worlds?”

Kiri replied vaguely: “It is the centre of everything. If someone loses their centre, they can no longer function and fall apart. So it is with the many worlds. If the Catal Unit is destroyed, the past will repeat itself.”

“Sinead, you and your team may come forward,” Gennai stated, interrupting before any further questions could be asked.

A red-haired woman stepped out of the shadows, followed by an older man, with two other figures — one male, the other female and both were younger than the first two. Their partners emerged alongside them; a black version of Gatomon stood beside the redhead, what looked like an enhanced Garurumon guarded the masked man; a Seadramon slithered up to the male who wore a baseball cap and a Lynxmon sat next to the dark-skinned female, before de-Digivolving back to his Rookie level, Gazimon. Seadramon and BlackGatomon followed suit.

“Sorry about that, Gennai,” the redhead began in a posh drawl. “We encountered some... ah, unruly Digimon, so we engaged them in a fight.”

“For ****’s sake, Sinead, are you gonna get to the point?!” the older male snapped.

“Now, Zarek, there are young children in your presence. But you do have a point. I’m Sinead O’Reilly, from Ireland. My companions are Polish-born Zarek Krol, Dylan Taylor from Australia and Bhadra Cherukuri, the first Indian Digi-Destined.”

As they were introduced, Zarek scowled heavily, Dylan tilted his black sunglasses down and Bhadra shyly waved her hand. Tai, Davis and Jonathan’s teams — not to mention the three International Digi-Destined — were a bit more composed now, but nonetheless still looked stunned. So why are they here? They would have had to have a reason for coming back after all this time... Jonathan pondered.

Sinead snorted in amusement, as if sensing Jonathan’s thoughts. When she caught his surprised expression, she answered: “Intuition, from a woman’s perspective. We came back to reminisce-”

“That’s not the true reason,” Bhadra spoke so softly, even Gatomon’s ears strained to hear what the twenty three-year-old said. “But it is part of it. We came back because we felt the Digital World was in trouble and-”

“-then we got trapped here, like you guys currently are, when the Digital Gates shut.” Dylan finished.

That explains it then, Jonathan concluded. They got stuck here the same time we did. But it still didn’t provide him with an answer as to why half of Zarek’s face was covered in a titanium mask.

Wizardmon was finally able to convince Gatomon to come away slightly from the group and begin to tell him what was wrong.


But while the Digi-Destined and Digimon were talking to each other, somewhere else in the Digital World, the Devas’ boss was punishing the six remaining beasts. Having fled for his life after SpiritRavemon’s swords gouged into his scaly flesh, Majiramon had delivered the Digimon’s statement to his boss.

Chatsuramon scoffed. “You’re a fool if I ever saw one, Majiramon. Fleeing a battle you initiated is punishable by death; you know the boss’s laws!”

“SpiritRavemon was going to kill me!” the Dragon tried to defend himself. “I had-”

“Well, you’re as good as dead now!” Sinduramon crowed. The Rooster Deva eyed Majiramon nastily.

“And what of Andiramon?” Kumbhiramon, the Rat Deva, questioned. “I hear he’s dead now, defeated by HolyFenrirmon.”

The leader of the celestials spoke directly to Majiramon, ignoring the bickering of the other Devas. “... It seems,” the dark Digimon began slowly, a hush engulfing the squabbling. “... I have been too lenient on punishments, haven’t I, Majiramon? ... Failure to defeat an enemy brings much worse than death, does it not?”

“But boss-” Majiramon attempted to explain.

Their master ignored them, vacant light beginning to glow, engulfing Majiramon. When it faded, there was a vague aura of satisfaction radiating from their ruler. “... You are more useful as a spy. You know your enemy, don’t lose sight of them.” Without waiting, the cruel gaze shifted toward Sinduramon, who shook softly. “In a week’s time you will go to the human world. You will receive further orders then.”


Ken was calm and quiet, despite all the panic that rose in him. “Everyone, please listen. This is important.”

“What is it, Ken?” Brianna, Jonathan’s mother, asked worriedly. Ewan, Jonathan’s father, stood silently beside his wife.

“Your children,” he began slowly, breaking off for a moment to cough lightly. “They, they are currently in the Digital World. Normally they would be back by now, but when I analyzed the Gates, I found they were forcibly locked.”

“Oh my!” Yuuko Kamiya cried out, putting her hands over her face. “How, what happened?”

“I’m not quite certain. However, I am working on the problem now. I’m certain that if I can at least get in contact with one of the others, we can fix the problem and everyone can come home safely.”

“Matt... and T.K. I hope they’re alright,” Mr. Ishida said quietly.

“Their Digimon are powerful,” Mrs. Takenouchi replied soothingly. “And so are the children. I’m sure they’re fine.”

Mr. Ishida wondered if Mrs. Takenouchi was only saying that because his oldest son used to like her daughter, but then shook off his doubt.

Fumiko Hida disapprovingly fixed the other parents with her gaze. “I still don’t know why Cody was chosen, but if it were up to me, he wouldn’t even be in this nonsense.”

Mrs. Takaishi sighed. “It’s never been up to us,” she stated flatly. “They were chosen for it by something else and all we can do is have faith in their return. We can’t stop them from fighting. Just as they can’t stop us from worrying.”

“Well spoken, Mrs. Takaishi,” a new voice spoke up from the entrance to Ken’s room. The figure walked inside. “I may not be the motherly or fatherly type, but I’m the closest thing Blair has to parents. My name is Bill Maleny,” the black-haired, pony-tailed twenty five-year-old introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you, sir,” Ken greeted politely. He prepared to continue, but a bout of coughing froze him. He doubled over, the red barcode burning his throat. The adults immediately moved to help, but Ken waved them off, shuddering as it passed. He breathed heavily. “I’m sorry about that. These symptoms have been plaguing me for quite a while. There’s nothing that can be done right now, I’m afraid."

“Maybe you should go and rest a little longer,” his mother began worriedly, trailing off as her son shook his head.

“No, it’s alright. I only have one more thing to say. For now, could everyone please return home? The others will be back soon, I’m quite sure.”


Gatomon, are you-” Wizardmon began, but interrupted himself when he saw a tear fall from the feline’s eye.

What did I tell you five years ago?” she spat, between sobs.

So she was disappointed with him, but he knew there had to be something more. She wouldn’t be having these nightmares about her past without a valid reason. He shifted his weight slightly and leaned on his staff, wondering what the reason could possibly be. Myotismon and his Mega and Master level Digivolutions — VenomMyotismon and MaloMyotismon — had well and truly been deleted.

Wizardmon began thinking about the recent spate of Deva attacks and quickly came to one solid answer. His ally was feeling inadequate because she hadn’t yet reached the Master level! That had to be the reason... but then, how did that connect to her nightmares? Then he realized — Myotismon had always made Gatomon feel worthless, like she was a piece of dung someone had stepped in. The fact that she felt she was inadequate and worthless was the true reason she held back; she wanted to reach the Master level, but felt it wasn’t her right.

I understand your pain, Gatomon,” the elf said softly, putting a gloved hand under her chin and raising it so that their eyes met.

You’re just saying that,” she growled. However, she did not jerk her head away from his touch. Part of her knew he understood, but she wanted him to continue.

No, I really do understand what it’s like to be filled with a longing to reach the next level. I’d never Digivolved to the Ultimate level before, even though it was only a one-time thing. Being FangHexmon was so different for me-

For me, too,” Gatomon whispered.

You long to reach the Master level, yet you feel you’re unworthy of the right. Even five years on, Myotismon-” His emerald green eyes narrowed slightly when Gatomon shuddered at the mention of Myotismon’s name. “-still has you feeling inadequate. You’re your own Digimon, now, Gatomon. You need to destroy the evil memories that he’s left behind.”

Gatomon was about to reply, when her purple-tipped ears twitched and swivelled backwards. “What was that?” she half snapped, turning and looking behind her. Wizardmon peered around as well and was going to say something, before he saw something black in a gap of a shrub.

“Show yourself!” he demanded, pointing his staff at the bush. He also took a step to the side, to protect Gatomon. Only half complying with the order, half an Agumon’s snout poked itself out of the foliage; it wasn’t the normal orange colour, though. This Agumon was black. “Gatomon, warn the others! This BlackAgumon’s aura isn’t normal!”
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