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There are at least three references to various media in this chapter. Two are really obvious.

Chapter 17: The Unchosen One

Gatomon suddenly burst through the clearing. Her face was frantic. “Wizardmon and I saw something following us! We need to hurry and catch him.” Without hesitation, the other Digidestined bolted after the feline, who had already dashed away.

As the others vanished, Kiri glanced at Gennai and laughed. “Kind of makes you feel left out right?”

Gennai snorted. He found it ironic that Kiri, who had probably suffered some of the worst pain from this due to him, was the one to despise him the least. “You would know wouldn’t you, child of metal?”

The young woman shrugged, smiling softly as her partner awoke and moved to her head. “They’re children of summer, even those who have lost. And winter is coming.”

He arched an eyebrow. “You’ve read Martin?”

“All of us have. Relena showed it to us a while back. A Feast of Crows should be out soon, hopefully.” She sighed. “I wonder if we’ll live long enough to read it, in this adult game played by children.”

“Remember: the enemy’s gate is down,” Gennai quoted.

Kiriko laughed again. “Bean’s right. It is down. Just like the bottom of a cliff.”

“That’s where your brother got that philosophy of his, isn’t it?”

She nodded. “He told us and we believed it. Only…” She turned toward the nearby TV, which had begun to glow. “He didn’t tell us there was more than one way to destroy an enemy. There are worse yet better ways.” Kiri started walking toward the light.

“And what is the worst?”

She turned back from where she was walking. “To make them your comrade.” She joined her friends.

They had not changed, not completely. There was a power in them now, power that she had seen dormant in them once. A part of her heart was happy. They could truly protect one another like this. Luca’s eyes, once dark with Chaos and pain, had lightened, becoming flecked with grey. It had been a year since she had seen Relena. She was only a bit taller. Kiri knew she would be a petite thing, perfect for her. For a few minutes, the four stared at one another, not sure how to break this spiritual barrier. Kiri knew how she must look: tired, powerful, sad, and lonely. Like a leader overburdened.

It was Sean, their fiercest one, who broke it. He ran to her side, green eyes alive with a relief and joy she knew from four years before. He wrapped his arms around her gently and shook all over her, reminding her of a leaf trapped to a tree branch.

“Do you think I’m a glass figure?” she quipped softly, reaching up to yank at a tangle in his hair.

“Sometimes,” he answered honestly. Kiri laughed.

“At least one of us worries. I missed you Joker.” He pulled away to look at her.

“Don’t you ever, ever freak me out like that again,” he ordered. “Or I swear I will hunt you down and burn you at the stake. You understand?”

“Of course, dear brother.”

The male grinned. “A promise made in blood then sweet sister?”

“Why yes.”

“Good enough.” Sean disentangled himself from his friend, only for Luca to tackle her, an old pastime. He chuckled. Kiri smiled gently, stroking the other boy’s messy blond hair. “Someone’s forgotten how to use a hairbrush,” she teased. Luca flushed shyly.

“But I like my bedhead,” he whined playfully.

“I like it too. It just looks funny.” Luca giggled helplessly. The blond girl went to her friend’s side. Kiri smiled at her teasingly. “Our Relena is as beautiful as always.”

The girl flushed and rolled her eyes. “Must you always say that?”

“If only to see you red as a cherry, yes.”

“…Witch.” You know how I feel.

“That’s the best compliment you’ve ever given me.” And you know how I am. The pair laughed and Relena reluctantly turned to Gennai.

She bowed her head in a gesture of politeness. “Hello Gennai.”

Gennai nodded stiffly. “It’s been a long time.”

Another voice came from the blond female’s lips, this snide and dark. “Spare the pleasantries. We both know you can’t stand either of us. Honestly the feeling’s mutual but I’m sure you know that.” She snickered. “Unless you’ve gone that senile.”

Gennai held back a growl. “Glad to see you too…Triesta.” He spat the name like a curse.

Triesta laughed, turning Relena’s blue eyes violet. “Ain’t this a chipper reunion? Four people whose lives you screwed up and a traitor make an awesome party right?” Sean snickered.

“Any particular reason you’ve come to the Digital World today?”

Triesta waved airily. “Aside from saving your worthless ass and seeing my good buddy with her new upgrade, not really.”

That could have been repaired over time.”

“Time’s somethin’ we don’t have, imbecile.” She walked up to him and placed a hand over his chest. Triesta scowled. “Time’s somethin’ you shouldn’t have, you bastard.” A ring formed around her wrist. “Let’s fix that.” Her scowl twisted into a sinister smile. “Overwrite.”

Gennai felt his body beginning to fade. He was dying.

The Digi-Destined came back in dribs and drabs, but Tai immediately stopped them when he splayed his arms. "What the hell are you doing to Gennai?!" Blair yelled.

Triesta turned and a dark expression burned her features. “Well damn,” she sneered. “There are bugs still here? Don't interfere!” She raised a hand and closed it. A barrier formed, blocking them from continuing.

"You...!" Blair stopped herself.

"Let us out of here!" Jack declared.

"Why, so you can stop me?" she sneered. "Please. Do amuse me further."

Kiri sighed. "Triesta, sometimes you're worse than Sean."

"Only sometimes," chirped the pyro, who flicked his lighter.

"What did Gennai do you to anyway, Triesta?" Jonathan asked.

Blair moved backwards when she saw the lighter, and Wizardmon moved forward to stand in front of her. He would protect her at any cost, but hopefully what happened five years ago wouldn't happen again.

Gennai glared weakly at Triesta, who wasn't looking at him. "Don't you dare..." he hissed, both from pain and fury.

Triesta snorted at him. "As if I would tell them anything," she muttered out of the corner of her mouth. Raising her voice, she snapped, "It matters to you, brat?"

Kiri rolled her eyes. "Joker enough. I know you're anxious. Settle."

Sean glanced up and saw Blair's fear. He sighed and turned it off. "She just loves ruining my fun," he muttered, pouting.

"You're such a child."

"Yeah, so?"


"You aren't the only Digi-Destined, you know!" Gatomon spat.

Wizardmon looked at her. How brave she is...

Triesta looked at her. She laughed and laughed and pulled her hand away from Gennai. "No **** kitty. I know! Oh, don't I know!" Her laughter sounded near sobs, maddened. "Have you met Siara yet? She's the same."

The name stirred within Kari. Siara? That voice from before?

"Triesta, you dare..." Gennai rasped. He had to force himself to recover. Gods it hurt.

"Don't you talk to me about daring traitor?" she snapped. "You have no goddamned right!"

"You aren't meant to speak of it!" he snapped at her.

"What's she not meant to speak of?" Wizardmon asked suspiciously. Gennai did not reply, looking furious.

“Shall I say it then?” Kiri asked softly, lowering Luca from her embrace. The boy peered out at them all, blue eyes burning. “Shall I speak the words you deny Gennai? Shall I speak of something none before us know? Shall I speak of the beginning, of fifty human years ago, when it all changed?”

Gennai scowled. “Are you willing to go back on your vow?”

Triesta glared cruelly. “You made a vow to a doll, guardian, not a girl or a sword, as what she is. No promise was made.” You’re one to talk about keeping vows.

“She does not even know of it.”

Luca snarled sharply, reminiscent of a young lion. “We know of it.” And Gennai looked at the little boy, whose glare seemed much less human than ever. Don't look at me with those eyes, accusing, hateful things they are. “We saw. All those years ago, we saw everything. You lied to them, you lied to each of the past groups. We know their names, and we know their power, and you denied them their right!”

Gennai held back fear. “I ought to have withheld it from you,” he said coldly. “You have become a beastling.”

Sean laughed coldly. “You finally got something right, you stinking old bastard! That's what he is, ain't it? That's what you turned him into right? What did you expect; partnering him with a wild Digimon like that? You made him just like him.” Gennai flinched almost unnoticeably.

The elder forced himself to not reply. “You couldn't possibly have seen it, not even with her,” he glowered at Triesta, who glared behind Relena's calm azure stare, it having faded from the cool violet. “guidance.”

Sean clapped his hands. “And again, you wow us all,” he quipped. “And yet,”

“You understand nothing,” Kiriko finished, placing her hands to her chest. Luca stepped back and silver light pulsed, ever so gently.

Gennai moved forward. “Don't you-!” Luca tackled him, knocking him away.

“Don't interfere!” the boy snapped, Liollmon ready to pounce.

“Yes, Yggdrasil knows you have done enough of that,” the pyromanic chirped, watching as the light grew. As he watched, Dorumon’s eyes widened in awe. He had never seen this before.

Kiri gasped softly, and the light flew away from her, coalescing into a black diamond hovering just above her hands.

“What is that?” Tai gasped, hands still resting on the invisible barrier. It felt so inviting, like he knew it and wanted to hold it himself.

Kiri smiled warmly. “It's the core of the Catal Unit. It is the core of the worlds itself.” She sighed gently and brought it closer to her chest again. “It's so warm,” she breathed, grey eyes alive with ecstasy. “So warm and close, it holds everything yet nothing at all.”

“Wait, you just said you didn't have it,” Matt twitched. This girl was truly pissing him off.

“She doesn't. Not fully.” Gennai forced the boy off and returned to his feet. “Why the Sovereign sealed such a precious thing into humans, I'll never know.”

“Well, the last keepers were Digimon,” an oddly cheerful voice said from the edge of the clearing. Jonathan turned. That voice...

A black-haired young male made his way into view. He was dressed like a college student and his face was lit up with a smile. His body shimmered lightly, engulfed in an aura of grey. The man laughed. “Considering what happened the first time, it's no surprise they tried something else.” He winked at Kiri. “Isn't that right little sister?”

The core sank back into her body quickly but Kiri didn't even notice. Her eyes filled with tears. “Nii-chan...?”

He spread his arms. “I missed you.”

“Akira-nii!” She tackled him, causing him to stumble back and laugh. He hugged her tight, still smiling. Luca went over and the man reached for him, ruffling his hair.
“Just like six years ago, sweet sister,” he said softly, stroking her hair. “Except you've grown up and you're speaking again. I missed that smile of yours.” Kiri said nothing, merely cried happily as she pulled away from him. He turned his grey gaze to Luca. “I knew you were actually a lion cub! The doctors messed up the birth records!” Luca gave a playful growl and Akira laughed. “More feral than a street cat,” he muttered, looking over at the others, who were still frozen with surprise. He grinned. “I say shock is an understatement, neh child Princess?” Relena flushed shyly, remembering the name. He walked away from his sister and poked her gently on the forehead. “You're missing your crown.”

“...I dropped it,” she mumbled, lowering her head. Triesta had drawn back completely, too happy for anything to be done. Akira gently cupped her chin in his face and lifted it.

“Stand up straight and proud for all to see,” he commanded. “You are a Princess, soon to be a Queen. Show what you are and don't hide from it. You are unchosen, but more fit to protect than any other.” She smiled bashfully at the praise and stood up straight.

What is he doing? Jonathan thought confusedly. He's just talking to them but they look so … happy.

Akira moved over to Sean and gave him a grin. “You're Sean aren't you?” He winked slyly and the boy felt a familiar chill in his heart.

Sean's face burned with surprise. “Y-You know me?”

Akira's smile widened warmly. “Of course! Kiri wrote to you a lot. I saw her letters. She cares for and respects you a lot.” The green-eyed boy turned utterly still. He shook slightly. He appeared to have been shocked into pure disbelief. Helpless, he turned to his best friend, who merely smiled tearfully and nodded. Sean jolted as Akira mussed his hair playfully. “Nice to finally meet you and welcome to the family! Glad to have you with us!”

A very different smile made its way to Sean's face, lighting him up completely. “Thank you.” The black-haired male nodded, reunion done, gaze turning cool as ice. He looked over at Gennai.

The guardian returned the stare, forcing indifference. “It seems you've discovered a new ability.”

Akira laughed calmly and shook his head no. “More like the gate is still in tatters and even a spirit can step through.” He sighed. “I don't have long though. My heart can only take so much.”

“So...” Gennai began slowly. “Why are you here then?”

Akira shrugged complacently. “Because everything's falling apart and it won't be hidden for much longer.” He glanced at Kari. “You can feel it right? Something's breaking in your heart right?” Kari froze. She wasn't quite sure how to respond. He seemed to take that as an answer though, shaking his head solemnly. “Thought so. It's painful, huh?” Slowly, Kari nodded, looking incredibly unsettled. Akira grinned. “Sorry, I have a bad habit of understanding people. Talia always tells me not to pry so much. I can't help it though.”

“Nii-chan's babbling,” Kiri muttered good-naturedly and her brother laughed.

“Good. The mood feels better that way.” He moved toward his sister and placed a hand on her chest. “Call it out again, sister.”

She blinked and nodded, placing her hands back over her chest. The diamond floated out again, spinning slowly. Akira examined it and nodded.

“It's bound to you alright. They will have to kill you to take it out and even then...” Kiri shuddered painfully and Akira patted her on the head. “Sorry. I know it hurts. Considering it's the only thing keeping you alive, it's only natural. Relax now.” It returned a second time and Kiri coughed. Akira looked back up at Gennai.

“Ya know,” he began conversationally. “This is the only thing I can't blame you for, except for not knowing. The Catal Unit being sealed in her was Fanglongmon's idea. Of course that going meant she would have been summoned eight years ago instead of six or now and been probably the youngest there.” Akira grinned. “I would have definitely hunted you down and ripped out your entrails if that happened.”

Gennai, despite the impossibility of the threat, couldn't help but pale. “You are a very protective boy.”

“You touch any of my precious people and I destroy you,” Akira replied with a calm shrug. “Or I let Triesta do it. It depends on what you did.”

“Don't tempt me,” Triesta muttered derisively. Sean cackled.

“Now now,” he cracked. “Cold-blooded murder is impolite to the peanut gallery.”

She snorted. “Like it's stopped you Joker.”

Sean laughed wilder. “True.” Did anything stop me back then?

The dragon’s roars tore the sky asunder and the ocean rippled wildly in reaction. His heart burned with pain, a spiritual agony. His enemy was there. The one who betrayed them all was nearby. He wanted to go to him, but his body burned. He ignored the burning. It wasn’t meant for dragons to feel. He lifted himself into the air and soared. The only thought that entered his mind was death, and causing as much as possible.

Cyberdramon’s roars made the air tremble. Luca clapped his hands to his ears. Liollmon snarled wildly.

“It's alright everyone,” Kiriko's voice was calm, soothing. “Watch now. Viximon.” The digimon leapt down and digivolved to Youkomon. Jonathan froze at the sight of the memory card in the teen's hand.

“How on Earth did you find that?” he asked, dumbstruck.

“It was in the Dark Ocean when I got there,” she replied cheerily. “It's called the Core Awakener. Simple name right? Now then,” She flipped it between her fingers. “You ready Youkomon?”

“Of course.”

“Wait! There's no way you can-” Sean cut him off.

“Just because your heart's uncertain doesn't mean hers is. Go for it Kiriko.” He grinned mischievously. “Show them the power of steel.”

“If you insist Joker. Awaken Steel Reaper.” She inserted it into the slot and Youkomon digivolved. Doumon leapt to the sky. “Doumon, drive him away!”

“You're not going to kill him?” Sean asked, testing her words.

“No,” she replied, closing her eyes. “That is likely impossible at this point.” And unnecessary. Akira smiled warmly. She knew. Sean raised an eyebrow, looked between human and digimon, and nodded. He figured it out.

“Damn it why aren't they doing anything?” Davis shouted.

“Hey drop this thing?” Matt yelled at Triesta. “That digimon's gonna die! We need to stop that thing!”

She glared at him. “Have ye so little faith boy? It will be fine.”

“I'm surprised you aren't going for the killing blow,” Gennai noted, speaking to Triesta in an undertone. “That was always your style.”

She snorted. “Yeah, now if only it had been your head back then. Would have saved us a lot of trouble.” Would have saved us all in truth. What’s another life?

“He would still be dead,” Triesta shivered.

“Yeah, we knew that. You didn't.” Gennai raised an eyebrow.

“I'm surprised you remember.”

Her eyes widened spitefully.“I'm surprised you actually are pretending to give a damn.” Gennai felt the beginnings of a headache. Why is she always like this?

Luca looked between them. “You guys are behaving,” he noted, smiling. “How long will this last?”

Triesta shrugged. “As long as it takes for this stupid virus to corrode,” she replied, glancing at the gate they had gone through.

“It isn't done?” The man inquired. That was something to be amused about.

Of course, Triesta was prickly. “Not unless you want the brats to get warped to another place ya idjit!” Gennai glanced at the other children on their side, who were watching in scary silence.

“How on earth did you bring them through?”

“I may be inside a human body but I still have my own powers and hers as well. It doesn't take that much effort for just us.”

“You don't belong in that body.” She laughed

“Oh I know. And doesn't it just piss you off every time you see me here?”

“She doesn't belong here at all. She is not a Digi-Destined.”

Triesta's eyes narrowed. “Would you like me to finish the job?” she hissed, the data ring forming around her hands. Once again, Gennai remembered just how much Triesta hated her choices being frowned upon. He couldn't really blame her, considering what had happened the last time they had been ignored. “Continue insulting her you worthless piece of trash. Just keep going.”

“You would kill me wouldn't you?” Do I need a medal to prove how obvious that was?

“You know me Gennai.” She spat his name. “There is very little I wouldn't do.” Not anymore, with her gone.

“Leave it Tri,” Akira ordered. “It's not worth the energy loss.” She obeyed, the ring dissipating. Gennai raised an eyebrow.

“You're actually defending me.”

The twenty year old shrugged and tuned to watch the battle. “I agree with Kiri. There's no need for this right now, when you're a valuable asset. Now later, when we're at least somewhat in the clear, meh, you're her chew toy.”

The man sighed. “So nice to know you care.”

Akira laughed. “You have to admit Ukko you do deserve this; at least a little.”

The guardian froze. “...You know about it?”

Akira raised an eyebrow. “Who do you think learned of it first?”

“How did you find out?”

He smirked. “I'm not going to tell you.”

“You do always keep secrets.” Gennai sighed. I'm so much better yes. “But you're right. I do probably deserve the treatment I'm getting.”

“The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one,” the spirit said cheerfully. Gennai couldn't hold back a laugh. He remembered why this boy had been the leader over the others now. If nothing else, he was always good at making things better.

Suddenly Viximon fell into her partner's arms as Cyberdramon vanished again. Kiri caught her carefully and smiled.

“Excellent work,” she murmured softly, but loud enough for another to catch. Davis glared.

“How the hell can you say that so easily?” he roared at her. Kiriko didn't glance over, focused on stroking her partner's fur. “That guy tried to kill Tai, Blair, and Kari, and threatened to kill us all! You were the closest to killing him and stopping him yet you didn't take it! Why?”

“Davis, back off,” Willis said quietly. “She knows what she's doing.”

“How would you know?” Jonathan asked suspiciously. “You've never spoken to Kiri.”

“And you know that how, you little stalker,” Lopmon muttered darkly. Willis sighed, unsure of how to answer.

“It's none of your business.” Catherine kept her tone cool and even, a miracle considering how much she trembled. “Just because you don't give people second chances doesn't mean we have to be so stiff.” After she said that, she covered her mouth, clearly not meaning to say that.

Terriermon whistled, impressed. “I knew we'd rub off on you.”

Outside, Sean whispered in Kiri's ear. “You know, and people say we're the ones with bad interpersonal skills. They're supposed to be allies.”

“Allies doesn't mean they get along. Besides you know we have a habit of breaking things.”

“Yes beyond repair at times. What even happened with those two? Obviously they know something.” She whispered in his ear and he grinned widely. “You converted them you little witch. I ought to burn you at the stake now.”

“We don't have any firewood.” Sean cackled madly.

“We have a bunch of trees. I'm sure at least one will make a good blaze.”

“We may not have to,” Luca chirped. “That one with the goggles looks like he's about to set the ground on fire.”

“Ooh, cool!”

Akira laughed. “How have you guys survived with each other?”

“With Lady Ferro whipping our backsides to behave.”

Akira laughed and shivered at the same time. “Oh isn't she good at that?”

“Eerily so.”

“So glad to know I'm not the only one scared mukless by her.”

“Anybody with sense is scared mukless by her,” Sean stated seriously. As one, all of the children outside of the barrier shuddered. Gennai raised an eyebrow and frowned.

“Their grandmother's that terrifying?”

Triesta gave him a look of amusement. “If something scares me, then yes.” Gennai thought about that and found himself suppressing a trickle of fear.

“Well I'm certain to hope to never meet her in a dark alley.”

“We train under her, so that idea's never gonna work,” Kiri remarked.

The guardian sighed. “That... explains a lot.”

“Funny how that works right?”

“I don't know what's stranger,” Luca chirped abruptly. “All of us aren't trying to kill you or that you actually agree with Triesta.”

Akira leaned down and whispered, “Best not to think too hard about it, kay buddy?”

His master had lied, hadn't he? He wasn't strong, he was no savior. The Digital World would fall apart no matter all of his efforts. He need power more of it. The darknee, he had to draw upon it. To save this world, he would do whatever it took.

The power sang through him, yet never had it felt more pained than now.
What am I doing to myself? What is the truth anymore?

“Triesta,” Akira muttered after a moment, sounding tired. His hand was over his chest, and his expression was strained. “Release them. I think I'm almost out of time.” The invisible barrier vanished, Triesta looking disgruntled.

“I was enjoying their faces behind glass...looked like annoying bugs...”

Kiri snorted. “I thought the Dark Spore was supposed to give me the superiority complex...”

Sean groaned at that. “As if we weren't screwed up enough...”

Gennai pointedly ignored that. “You know Triesta thinks herself God.”

Triesta pouted.“I do not. We've met God remember? Remarkably nice kind of boy... girl... whatever you call Norn these days... you were the one messing with time anyhow.”

“...Can we just drop the subject?”

“You'll have to talk about it eventually.”

“Oh and you'll be unbiased.”

“Do you want Kiri to show them instead? The Catal Unit doesn't give a damn about sides you know?”

“Like they'd understand it.”

Sean shrugged. “They wouldn't. We could help.” Gennai snorted.

“By help, you mean what exactly?”

Luca laughed. “Take a guess.”

“You are the harshest Digidestined I've ever met.”

The eleven year old shrugged, violet light flickering around his hands. “Chaos and power aren't kind teachers.”

“I suppose they wouldn't be.”

As the others prepared to move toward them, Akira raised a hand. “No, remain over there if you would be so kind. A few of you look prepared to hurt my sister. And I...” He smiled maniacally. “Won't let anyone do that while I'm standing here. That goes for all of them. Even without a body, right now I bet I could do it.” He gestured toward the port. “The Gate is almost open. Soon you will be able to go home.”

“How the hell did you fix the Gate?” Tai asked, impressed despite the fear the threat had given him.

Akira shook his head.“Relena did, not me. I can't do stuff like that. I'm way too ordinary.”

Kiri giggled. “Ordinary? You?”

He looked sheepish. “Got me there. Anyway...” He glanced at Jonathan. “Do you recognize me? Or are you still caught in the bog?”

“You spoke to me back then... didn't you?” His answer was slow, almost uncertain.

The man grinned. “That's right. I told you to lead didn't I? Do you think you're doing your best? Do you think you can make everything all better? Tell me. I want your opinion, not what you think I want to hear.”

"You're Akira? Um, I'm probably not doing my best, but it's been hard given past circumstances. I know I can do better, so I hope to receive a second chance," Jonathan replied.

Akira frowned. "A second chance? Why? You haven't even lost your first yet!" Akira gave an encouraging grin. "Until you've done your best and lost, there's nothing to warrant needing one of those.”

Jonathan didn't know what to say; Akira Ryutori had encouraged him... he wasn't used to being encouraged by people who weren't family. He straightened his posture. "Thanks very much, Akira."

The grin widened. "No problem. It's what I do best you know?" He let out a sudden groan of pain. "Ah damn, should've thought it was too good to last. One last thing before I fly." His gaze hardened. "Be wary, Ogudomon is coming. And his target is all of you."

"Ogudomon?" Jack asked.

"Who the hell's that?" Blair snapped.

Akira paled and turned to glare at Gennai. "You seriously didn't tell them?"

Kiri sighed. "Nii-chan he doesn't talk about anything. That's why we've been having so much trouble."

Akira sighed. "You really do guard every damn secret huh?" Before Gennai could reply in kind he turned. "He's the master of Lucemon, the highest of the Demon Lords, the one you truly have to fight."

The Digi-Destined blanched and looked at each other, wondering what was going to happen to them. There go my holidays, Jonathan grumbled mentally.

Akira smirked. His form was fading by the edges, blurring them. "Ah don't look so scared," he exclaimed. "Well actually ya should, because you're walking into war. There's no changing that fact. But... a weak spirit will get you killed before you fight. So you focus and you fight, and you don't give in. Because if you lose, the world's doomed and you'll die." He laughed. "No pressure right?"

Blair laughed sarcastically.

Akira smirked. "Good luck then." He turned. "Kiriko! Relena!"


He smirked. "Now."

Kiri held up her D-Core. "Digi-port open!" The gate shined.

Blair raised an eyebrow and almost instantly, all of the Digi-Destined lifted their Digivices. In no time at all, they left the Digital World.

Kiri and Relena remained. She turned from the light for a moment. "G'bye Nii-chan,” Kiri said softly. "I'll see you soon right?"

"Soon as you guys finish up yeah," her brother replied.

She smiled childishly. "I can't wait! See you later!" She took Relena's hand and disappeared. Akira laughed.

"Still got a bit of yourself left huh? Thank God. NEO scares the living crap out of me..."

Gennai glanced at him. “You're afraid of him? You fear the future?”

Akira rolled his eyes. “Wouldn't you be afraid of losing the only family you've got left?” He laughed bitterly. “No I guess you wouldn't, considering...” He vanished.

Gennai watched him fade away then sighed. “Why do they have to know so much? As if they didn't hate me enough for what I had to do to them.” He disappeared.


A young woman with black hair stood outside the Digiport. She stepped back at the sight of the light. When they all appeared, she clapped her hands lightly. "I'm glad you're all alright," she began before noticing Izzy. "Oh!" She hurried to his side. "Come with me now," she commanded gently, and led him away.

Watching them go, Sean grinned, "What a great welcome home." He waved at them, tearing away. "See ya'll later!" He ran off. Kiri sighed.

"He's gonna hit a tree again I'm sure. After the dumbass." Luca ran ahead, laughing gleefully and childishly. Kiri waved at the mass. "Bye." Taking Relena by the wrist, the girls vanished.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."