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Posted June 3rd, 2019
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I'm proud to present the next episode of the Cloud White Series. The adventure continues in...


The scenario starts after the last event of Pokémon Cloud White. Be prepare to discover 4 new regions : South Sinnoh (Kouros) and Sinnoh. But also Seto and Sevii in the expansion Cloud White Origins! During your journey, you'll try to rebuilt the puzzle of History. Team Rocket and Galactic are unified to defy you and your friends, Prof.Oak, Blue, leaf, Ash Ketchum, ... But why?

Discover also Pokémon Cloud White Origins! A sequel of Cloud White split in 3 chapters between Cloud White 2 and Cloud White 3.


  • General
    • 4 regions(Sinnoh, Sevii, Seto, Kouros)
    • Secret areas
    • Open World (Seto, Sinnoh and Kouros)
    • More than 60 hours of Scenario
    • Gen I to Gen VII Pokémon. All catchable.
    • Mega evolution
    • Pokémon Universe characters (Ash Ketchum, Misty, Giovanni, Elm, etc.)
    • Physical Special split
    • Expanded cash limit
    • Expanded bag limit
    • New items and evolutionay methods
    • Increased difficulty
    • Honey tree system
    • Berry tree system
    • Fairy type
    • The Pokémon World Tournament
    • Player is facing your opponent before battle
    • Day and Night System
    • Run everywhere!
    • Unlimited TM
    • A bonus Premier Ball is offered for every purchased of 10 Pokéballs
    • Experience points are gained after capture
    • Automatic re-use of repel
    • All weathers available
    • Maximum level up to 200
    • And several more features ...

  • Graphics
    • New graphic style from DPP, HGSS, Glazed and more
    • New battle backgrounds
    • New battle boxes
    • New text boxes in HGSS Style
    • New Bags with expanded storage limit
    • New Pokémon menu
    • New Trainer Card and Badges
    • New bootscreen and Titlescreen
    • New trainer sprites
  • Music
    • New songs from FF, Zelda, Pokémon Emerald, etc.
    • Cry edited for all Gen in High Quality

Download Cloud White 2 patch file ( Base: Fire Red 1.0 english in 16 Mb) (Ver.237: 05/26/2019)
It is highly recommended to use VBA(PC) or GBA4IOS(ios) to prevent any errors of unknown freezes (it concerns female rocket grunt battles and some moves). Thanks to report if you encounter these errors on another emulator!


Stay careful and save frequently. Thanks to report bugs. FAQ Is it neccessary to play Pokémon Cloud White to understand Cloud White 2's story? NO! Is it a complete game? Main game is complete (21/09/2018). Extension is still in dev'.

Arka 9, Mickey', Diegoisawesome, Doesntknowhowtoplay, Ledxil, Darthatron, JPAN, Lunos, Mr. Dollsteak and all those who will recognize their features in the game 😘

Recruitment and needed help
  • Need help to insert battle background for field and indoors (These ones are more diffucult to insert I don't understand why)
  • Create a new titlescreen
  • Create the introduction animation (gengar vs nidorino)
  • How can I fix the buggy Rival OW in the rival name selection screen?
  • Worldmap
  • New Pokéballs
  • Insert new indoor tilesets
  • Edit animations (door, flowers, etc.)
  • Changed the shiny rate ratio
  • Translate the game guide from french to english properly
  • Asm features
  • Any other help is welcome!