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Oswald Carotene and Mira Cullous

Mira sighed in frustration as the nurses finally left her. She glanced at the bandages around her waist before slipping her vest back on. The medics had given her a few nondescript pills to 'ease the pain, which seemed to do their job so far. Her vision was still blurry without her glasses though, and the medics hadn't gotten anything for that. Dammit, I knew I should've packed my other pair. she thought to herself, strapping on her boots.

She exited the tent and looked around. The hastily-set up faunus camp was full of hunters, medics and their superiors running around barking orders, all the while gunshots and screams echoing in the distance from the battle. Mira breathed and tried to remember which tent Nel and Nina had been sent to, so she could at least regroup with one of her teammates. Jairo was still with ABAK, but she trusted the team would bring him to camp safely, if faunus camaraderie was anything to go by. The plan would be to stick together for the rest of the battle, stay out of danger, then leave when evac was ordered. She found the tent after a few minutes, labeled 'level 2 injuries.

Many patients were inside the tent, most of them either complaining about their wounds or how they were still fit to fight, but neither Nel or Nina could be seen anywhere. Mira got the attention of one nurse, a rather portly elephant faunus. Hey, did you have a falcon and mouse faunus carried in here earlier? I'm looking for them. she asked.

Oh, those two girls? Yes, and they didn't stay long. The poor mouse darling left as soon as she woke up, and her friend just flew off a few minutes ago. They frankly didn't look in a fighting state at all, but you know the youth. Poor, unfortunate souls. she shook her head solemnly.

Gritting her teeth, Mira hastily thanked the lady before storming out of the tent. She threw her weapon on the ground in rage. In one day, she'd let one of her teammates be stranded with another team, another run off on her own, and another

She had no time to contemplate her failures, however. Out of nowhere, a blaring alarm sounded around the camp, as lights near the tents began to flash red. Mira looked around, confused. Wha?


Ozzy made his way back to the camp, but he was concerned that he hadn't met up with his team yet. Reese had told him they'd rendezvous back at camp, but he'd hoped not to have to make the trip alone. He hefted the heavy spear back up onto his shoulder as he walked, once again debating the logic of keeping it. It made no sense, but he couldn't bring himself to get rid of it.

As he walked, he passed by dozens of other Faunus, all of them in worse shape than him. It made him feel a little guilty, and again like they shouldn't be here. This whole plan was a mistake he muttered to himself, avoiding the medical tent. He could hear what was going on in there, and didn't want to see it.

With his head down and his ears laid flat, he was taken by surprise by the lights and alarm. He leapt about ten feet into the air, landing in a terrified crouch. Faunus were running everywhere, and he quickly ran to get out of the way, almost tripping over a girl as he turned a corner. I'm sorry! He blurted out instinctively. What's going on?!

The owl faunus had caught him mid-fall and seemed just as panicked as he was. I dont know! Maybe the humans are att- oh, crap!

Her sentence was cut short as she suddenly felt the ground underneath them tremble. Leaping to the side, she grabbed ahold of Ozzys jacket, pulling him with her. Instants later, the earth below them cracked open, letting loose a swarm of Creeps who had chewed through the dirt. She barely had the time to go for her weapon as one of the Grimm jumped at her.

Ozzy fell gracefully from her arms as she went for her weapon, landing on the ground with his feet under him and his spear pointing toward the Creep. Too clumsy and stupid to change course, the Grimm managed to impale itself on the sharp end, gasping for air before falling to ash and mist. Ozzy dropped the spear and grabbed his shovel, firing shotgun shells into the swarm until it clicked empty. He focused his Semblance on the Creeps, thorny vines sprouting from their skin. His breath came quick and ragged, still tired from the skirmish in the town. We're not safe here. He panted, looking at the camp as more Grimm started showing up. We gotta get out of here!

A loud, gruff voice called out from behind them. SOLDIERS! EVAC ORDERED, GET THESE PEOPLE BACK TO THE AIRSHIPS! The man looked like an eagle faunus in a military outfit, with feathers jutting out of his hair as he spoke. HOLD THE GRIMM BACK!

Mira turned to Ozzy, unsure of what to do. We- we cant just run! she stammered. We need to help the people out of the tents!

As the words left her mouth, the earth shook as a massive Roc landed on one of the tents, crushing everything and everyone inside. The Grimm let out a loud squawk of aggression and glee, relishing in the pain and fear. Ozzy went pale, but grabbed his oversized spear from the ground. Terror and duty battled for control of his mind, but his better nature won out in the end. O-o-okay let's get these people out of here! He pointed to the main medical tent with the spear, grabbing Miras hand with his free hand. Stick close? We'll be safer together.

Mira nodded, squinting at Ozzys face. She couldve sworn she knew him, but without her glasses, it was hard to figure out details.The Roc in front of them squawked again before taking off, the gust from its wings nearly knocking the two hunters over. We need to take this thing out of the skies before it crushes any more of the tents! Mira said, looking at Ozzy. Ive dealt with something like this before! You got any way of piercing its eyes? she asked.

Ozzy looked at the spear in his hand, remembering how he had used it to pierce the Death Stalkers eye. Unwieldy as it was, it had proven effective. I have a couple. I could use this spear, or I could grow a vine, give it some thorns, something like that he trailed off into uncertainty. Sensing a difficult fight ahead, he let go of Miras hand to dig through his seed pouch. He produced a small bean that looked and smelled like a coffee bean. He popped it in his mouth, grimacing as he chewed and swallowed. He felt instantly rejuvenated, his fight or flight instincts on high alert. He didn't even notice his body was pushed to it's limits, but he would when the effects wore off.

Whoo, okay he breathed, hopping from one foot to the other. I'm ready for this. Terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought, but ready. You know a way to get up to it? This thing doubles as a sniper rifle, but I don't think I can handle the recoil. Not as I am, anyway.

Mira could clearly sense he was nervous. Where youre going, you wont be needing the rifle part. she said. Grabbing Ozzys hand, she concentrated for a moment before encasing him in her Semblances blue aura. Sorry about this!

Before the rabbit faunus had a chance to reply, he was launched forward like a rocket, straight towards the low-flying Roc. His first reaction was surprise, followed by terror, which seemed to catch the Grimm's attention. Hopped up on his super bean like he was, Ozzy recovered his wits quickly, holding onto the spear for dear life. Without taking his eyes off the Roc, he rummaged in his seed pouch until he found what he needed, just in time for the Grimm to snap at him with its vicious beak. He twisted his body, spinning in midair and dodging the attack, driving his spear into the Rocs eye like a Tactical Rabbit Strike.

The bird shrieked in pain, giving Ozzy the opening he needed: an open mouth. He threw the acorn in his hand down the massive throat, vines extending from his armor to anchor him to the colossal bird. His hands glowed green, accelerating the acorn's growth, making the Roc spasm in pain as a live tree started growing in its chest. Flapping the massive wings became laborious as the chest began to swell and stretch, until massive roots began tearing their way free. The Roc had to tilt its head back as the upper branches forced their way out of the throat, green leaves stained with black blood as the mighty oak sprouted from the beak like an overgrown vegetable. The tree shuddered as it split, the two halves continuing to grow up and out, forcing the beak open farther and farther until the jaw broke with a terrible snap. The red glow faded from the eyes as the Grimm died, falling clumsily out of the air toward the camp. It dissolved into black mist before it hit, but that left Ozzy without anything to hold onto.

His vines trailed from his armor as he fell, his immediate thought being What would a brave Faunus like Reese do? With a flash of inspiration, he grappled onto the tree falling beside him, using his Semblance to reverse the growth, turning sturdy wood into a massive pile of red and orange leaves. The leaves surrounded him as he hit the ground, absorbing the impact and leaving him dazed but alive as leaves scattered everywhere. His spear hit the ground with a clatter not far away, but he didn't want to go after it just yet.

Holy crap! Mira exclaimed as she zoomed over to Ozzy on her staff, helping the faunus up. You really pack a punch, Ozzy! Thats your name, right? I remember Brooke telling me- She stopped mid-sentence to stab a creeper that had snuck up behind her, -about her team. I figured the little guy with the plants must be you.

Ozzy graciously accepted Miras hand, a vine snaking off his armor to grab his spear and return it to his hand. Yeah, that's me. He grabbed his shovel and blasted a Creep that thought to sneak up on Mira again. It's actually Oswald, but everyone calls me Ozzy. I like it. I'm really wired right now, what do you say we get these people out of here?

Yeah. We can't let anyone else die on our watch! she said, nodding.

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