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TV600 / Malcolm

Malcolm walked down the side street, past the charred remains of a cheap sedan someone had decided to set ablaze some time in the past. He involuntarily accessed his memory banks, remembering that the corpse of the vehicle had been there even on the first time hed come to this location, following directions hed overheard in a club. He had long wondered why humans were so happy to partake in alcoholic beverages that destroyed their ability to keep secrets.

Malcolm turned into a narrow alley, immediately adopting a new posture. He hunched his shoulders and changed his confident gait to a more erratic one. He gripped his left arm with his right and would occasionally make scratching movements. All mannerisms hed adopted from watching human adicts and doing internet research. If you wanted to stay one step ahead of your enemy in a covert situation, you had to know how to act like one of them. Malcolm had a lot of practice at this point. He was sure of his ability to blend in with the humans perfectly.

The alleyway was littered with garbage bags and broken bottles that crunched under his feet, the walls were sprayed with fourteen different colours of spray paint displaying different obscene messages or tags. Most of it was cracked and faded and Malcolm noted that no new additions to the walls had been made as his eyes scanned over them. That was good, it meant that he wouldnt be disturbed.

After a short walk, the alleway opened up to reveal a space behind several buildings where dumpsters lined the walls, overflowing with bags. Malcolm detected only faint traces of decomposition from the bags, old meals. He knew anyway, of course, that the buildings he was tucked in behind didnt sell food stuffs. Not that the majority of the businesses were still operating anyway.

Jeremy was leaning on a wall with what appeared to be a grocery bag at his feet. He was a well-built caucasian man and stood at exactly six feet tall. He was dressed in jeans and a worn flannel shirt under an open parka. His head was shaved bald and decorated with tattoos. Malcolm new more of the inked skin was concealed by the dealers jacket. He also new that a handgun was tucked into his waistband.

Well, ya look like muk, Malcolm. Lets get ya your fix before ya psyduckin implode or something, yeah? Malcolm suppressed the desire to smirk at that. As an android, he always looked to be in peak human health. Thats how hed been built. He had Jeremy fooled based entirely on the look he plastered on his face and the mannerisms he adopted. Malcolm gave two quick, stiff nods and pulled a wad of cash from his pocket. It was more than he needed to pay, but he wanted to give the impression of being out of it and desperate.

Jeremy rustled in the grocery bad, pulling out a lump of foil from within. Malcolm new without running any analysis that it contained a rock of red ice. Without hesitation he handed the money over to Jeremy and snatched the drugs out his hand, stuffing the lump into his pocket. Jeremy laughed.

Psyduck youre desperate today. he rumbled Youre lucky too. I was almost out of that blue blood muk. Im not spending most of the cash I make at psyduckin CyberLife to get a bottle of it, itd look weird buyin too much of it anyway. Its gotta come from androids.

Really? Malcolm said, his mind racing. This was new information to him. He had thought that his dealers had all simply used excess funds to purchase thirium from cyberlife. He couldnt believed hed overlooked that theyd want to be more subtle like that. He could feel his anger rising, he suspected he knew what he was about to hear.

Damn right. Jeremy grunted Gotta find one thats still workin to take it from too. The broken ones usually dont have any left or its got other muk mixed or whatever. What do you care anyway? he added, suddenly realising something didnt add up. Or maybe it was that Malcolm had dropped the act.

Malcolm straightened up and moved towards Jeremy, his face stoic with cold fury. This man was murdering his people for the sake of making drugs. It was illogical to hurt one of his thirium sources like this, he knew it. Malcolm wasnt going to allow his brethren to be murdered so he could live. Hed find another way. Jeremy was going to pay.

You killed my brothers and sisters for the sake of easy money. Youre going to pay for that. Malcolm said moving closer and closer, walking forward with purpose. Jeremy reached for the gun, but Malcolm had already predicted this course of action. As the dealer raised the weapon, Malcolm grabbed his wrist with left hand and drove his fist into his solar plexus. Jeremy released the weapon, coughing and spluttering. Malcolm caught it.

What the psyduck, man?! the dealer yelled. Malcolm responded by shooting him in the leg. Jeremy dropped to ground immediately, screaming out in pain. Malcolm didnt feel any need to rush, few people would be in nearby enough to pinpoint where the scream was coming from with any accuracy and it would be some time before police closed in.

Malcolm stood on the bullet wound, pushing his weight onto it and causing Jeremy to scream with renewed vigour. It didnt matter how much muscle the man had, he couldnt escape. He wasnt as strong as android of Malcolms model.

Malcolm pulled the trigger several more times, carefully choosing where he aimed the weapon to prevent Jeremy from passing out or dying too soon. The drug dealers screaming didnt die down until he was ordered to shut up. Tears ran down the mans face as he bit his lip so hard it bled to prevent himself screaming any further. The sound itself didnt bother Malcolm, he did it just for the sake of intimidation.

I am an android. Malcolm said, looking Jeremy dead in his eyes. Then he pulled the trigger and with one last reverberating crack, Jeremy fell limp with a hole on his head. Malcolm turned and walked out the alley, hed need to replace his pants now, they were spattered with blood.