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Ellis Baker

Ellis made his way to the back room, where he leaned against the back door, burying his face in his hands. He could feel a headache coming on, and the edges of his vision were starting to blur.

"Pardon me, Ellis, but I believe you have an order to make." Joe stood a few feet away, holding the ticket.

Ellis couldn't even look at him. "Just make it and take it to them. I'm sure you're more than capable." He rolled his eyes at the last comment.

Joe hesitated. "But I was instructed to-"

Ellis leaped forward, physically grabbing and turning the android around. "Just do as you're told! Follow your orders and figure it out!" He gave the android a shove, causing it to stagger into one of the shelves. He leaned back against the door, squeezing his eyes shut as he clenched his hands into fists.

Joe calmly stepped away from Ellis, going to the grill and making the order. He plated it up and took it to Table 5. "Your order, sir. Two beef patties." He idly noticed the android, but took special notice of the dog. "Pardon me, but no pets are allowed inside, except for service animals. You should know this. I'll have to insist it stay outside."