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Nigel Whittaker

After spending what felt like three days in the bathroom, Nigel washed his hands and walked out. He decided he would go to the break room to grab a coffee. Wait... Won't that just make me need to crap more...? Ahh, whatever He walked in to the break room, only to find Robin and another android he vaguely recognized from the past few months of working here. "You should make your own assessment of his character when you meet him" Robin said.

"Y'all talking about me or something?" Nigel questioned .

AX700 "Trask"

The past four days that androids had been chasing him were because he had stolen a gun and a knife from one of the androids who broke in to the Cyberlife truck. He had snuck attacked him, overpowering him because he was built to have in human strength. You know, next time I won't be stealing from angry deviants He thought. He walked to the main street of Detroit, where much was happening. An old lady accidentally dropped her hand bag, and then tripped on a crack. Some protocol that has stayed with him nearly forced him to help her. He walked over, and helped her stand. He then bent over and handed her her hand bag.

"Thank you young man!" She said. Anything to keep people from knowing I'm an android he thought.

"No problem missus" He said, and walked off. He then saw the a TV in a window. A college dean had been murdered, and no witnesses. He closed his eyes, and began to think.Hmm... If the Dean is dead....could it have been a deviant of some sort? or just a killer on the loose? and if this is so recent... already news reporters... faster than the police for sure 'cept the police were there first...