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To be fair they don't really show what happens during that battle clearly. Pikachu takes hits from Bunnelby yes, but it shows Ash that Clemont isn't just your average trainer. Which he isn't. He's a gym leader. And not even the first gym leader he's the fifth from what I have heard. We've seen many times that just because a Pokemon seems weak it isn't. And the fact that Bonnie is the 'referee' (or whatever) of the battle shows that she isn't your run-in-the-mill kid either. She already has experience and from what I can tell Dedenne is hers and not Clemont's.

It does look like the battle might be getting in interrupted by our wonderful TR trio before it gets finished anyways. And when they do Wobbuffet uses Mirror Coat which sends back an attack at twice the power. And it looks like the same battle Froakie gets injured in so.. yeah. Can't quite judge what happens there yet.

Again this is my opinion so I don't need a million sentences telling me otherwise.