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I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I designed custom badges of every type that anyone can feel free to use for their game. They still have to be sprited, but I figure these will be handy for those who have trouble designing badges.


First row: Aroma Badge (Grass), Grill Badge (Fire), Angler Badge (Water), Color Badge (Normal)
Second row: Sky Badge (Flying), Colony Badge (Bug), Dart Badge (Poison)
Third row: Connect Badge (Electric), Pixie Badge (Fairy), Dream Badge (Psychic), Geode Badge (Rock)
Fourth row: Drill Badge (Ground), Lurking Badge (Dark), Spirit Badge (Ghost)
Fifth row: Binding Badge (Steel), Champion Badge (Fighting), Scoop Badge (Ice), Talon Badge (Dragon)

Feel free to change the names. Credit is appreciated, but not required!

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