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    Oh ok, I get it now. I hope that it's possible to trade from R/S/E/Fr/Lg/C/XD to D/P because I just got my first lvl. 100 and am planning on raising my Shiny Scyther (When I get it) to lvl. 100. Wouldn't it be cool if you can put the GBA Pokemon game in the bottom of the DS, and the DS game in the top and trade without cables or friends (if you're a loner like me <.< >.>).

    Update: 750 Scyther Resets. If I don't die trying to get Scyther, than I'm going to take a break from Shiny Hunting for a Week or so to get past Blain, Giovanni, and the Elite Four on my FR so I can evolve Scyther and begin training!

    P.S. I'm going to Kern River next week from Tuesday to Sunday so I'll be Shiny Hunting like crazy.

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