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    I am not sure i understand, but I think I get the idea... say, I am looking for a shiny Totodile, and everytime I see a female with a Jolly nature, I add 200 soft resets to the total I've done, correct?

    Meh, I am temporarily giving up for Eevee. So I can resume my hunt for Treecko. I figured Treecko is higher on my priority list becuz the ID I have on FR is already gonna be the one I am keeping, and that ID got me a shiny charmander in 5 days, so maybe it is lucky. So, it would be logical to hunt for a Treecko, so I can hopefully get a lucky ID on there too... I am gonna get a new ID on Em every week. Today is the 22nd, right?

    I guess I'll just start over in how many I counted, since I lost the sheet i was keeping track of them on, but I am gonna use MM's method of counting again.

    BTW, do u guys think I should just focus on Treecko till I get it, or should I alternate between Eevee and Treecko?

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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