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Originally Posted by Xeninacra View Post
Yes, this is like a loop: weather chat -> complaints about weather chat -> start a new (but familiar) topic -> weather.

Let's break the loop? :|
I bought socks today.
What is everyones opinion on socks? I like socks. The socks that I bought today are knee-high socks.
I'm wearing blue socks right now. They are comfortable, and blue. My favorite pair of socks however are green. They are my favorite because they are green. They are not blue. I like socks, without socks my legs would get cold. Wearing knee-high socks means you can wonder around in your underwear and still keep your legs nice and warm. Thigh-high socks are good too, but rather expensive usually.
I once had a friend who was a sock puppet, his name was Malcolm and he was a space-snake from a different galaxy. I was quite young at the time.

Gees. Typing like a hyperactive child telling a story drains my energy.