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1) What are some things you really would like to see in a superpowered RP?
- Steam brought up my thing (: Having our characters go through a journey to grow and thus allow their powers to manifest. Wouldn't mind seeing it with a Mature rating either, seeing as how such a world of superpowers can definitely go down dark.

2) What would you want us to avoid?
Hmmmmm. A slow pace I suppose, but that's more of a personal preference.

3) Other things you can imagine or have experienced works worse or better or just general ideas or advice on how to set things up or run it? :D

- Maybe it just might be me, or others may share the same, but I am not so fond of sandbox RPs and have seen those with goals and "missions" flourish. Then again i have yet to both enjoy and see a sandbox rp go far, but i don't doubt when done right they're lovely. (I admit i haven't been here long enough to be certain of this)