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I like powers-based games. I like everything about having powers.

1) What are some things you really would like to see in a superpowered RP?

Teamwork. Like everyone here, I enjoy creativity and unusual abilities, but I absolutely love seeing people combine their powers. Granted, making it team based would be more difficult, but if we encourage joint posting we can see more Super Teamwork Combos (TM)!

2) What would you want us to avoid?

Controversial opinion, but I don't like heavy, ham-fisted DRAMA. In a powers game, where we're just learning to use our abilities, to learn and grow as both heroes and as people, maybe we don't have to face the end if the world every week? I like the more lighthearted approach, let us experiment and have fun!

3) Other things you can imagine or have experienced works worse or better or just general ideas or advice on how to set things up or run it? :D

Keep things loose, allow for freedom and creativity, but know when to reign things in. This is a difficult balance, and it requires players who are willing to work with you, not actively try to break everything. I'm not sure how to actually do this, but if everyone has an open mind and is willing to work things out, we can come up with some pretty great stuff.