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Pokémon Gale Thread

Hello dear members of the PC Community. My name is Vavavoom and today I'm going to present you guys a project called Pokémon Gale. This post is devided by sections: Introduction, Pokémon Gale, Supporter Banners, and the last but least, the Credits.
~Beware, on this forum, I'm using the Pocket Monster Theme. So, it's possible that you see a green background behind pictures.


Finally, a new generation. Pokémon Gale is a project that started during February 2007. What's interesting about this project is that many cool stuff will appear. One of them is The Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Graphics. I thought
that using the Fire Red/Leaf Green was a bit boring. So, I chose to make this game in the Diamond/Pearl graphics. Since this is a " New Generation " of Pokémon, I thought that introducing the " Next Generation " would be a great idea. For now,
we currently have only one demo. It is not that great, we know. Many things got changed since February. What we can tell about the second demo, is that it's short. " Short? But we want a long demo! "... Short doesn't always mean boring. It will be a wonderful
demo with features like capturing Pokemon, battling Pokémon, battling Trainers, etc. For now, if you want to download the first demo:

Link to download the first demo:
(Extract files with a program called " WinZip ", save the files in a specific folder, and open the " Game " file) Be sure to have RPG Maker XP install on your PC
Now, we will tell many things about the project. Enjoy. ~

Pokémon Gale

The Team:

- Leaders -

- Vavavoom (Game Owner, Mapper, Spriter, & Programmer)
- Nevermore (Game Owner, Spriter, & Pokemon Designer)

- Staff -

- Burned Soul (Programmer)
- Calient/Pikafirefight (Spriter)
- .:???:. (Spriter)


Long ago, when the world was young, an eternal Pokémon existed... the Gale Pokémon, Hatenebres. It had unspeakable power, and legends say that controlled by a tyrant, it nearly destroyed the world...
None who know the location of that eternal Pokémon - the one which controls the very winds - remain. But they all know that he is hunting the routes of the Geor Region.
However, now, with an ancient tablet telling a riddle for the location of Hatenebres, the head of the Geor Region government is searching for this great Pokémon, and it's a race against time to stop him. But, 3 mysterious beast appear during your adventure and you start thinking that they are a clue of the story about Hatenebres...

The Geor Region:

The Geor region is based on a real region of Japan called Chugoku. It's attach to the region of Johto. It's at the east of Hoenn.

* The cities/towns' motto are write beside them *

1. Rauwolfia Town " The town where the adventure blooms "
2. Crescent Town " A place with gracful blue houses "
3. Elloish City " The charming city where we smell the aromas from miles "
4. Glamourich City " An outstanding rich & glamorous city "
5. Purearth City " The glorious green city where pollution doesn't exist "
6. Minerhole Town " The underground town with a rusty dust "
7. Seealga City " A petite island with enchanting & healthy feelings "
8. Burgundy City " A city surrounded by high and maroon mountains "
9. Camplains Town " The cute Spring town with small cliffs "
10. Lunar Town " The historical & mysterious town of the old time "
11. Royaline City " A sparkling ultramarine port on the coast "
12. Herbolodge City " The chartreuse town with elegant & colorful flowers "
13. Wisteria City " The northern town with silver & shiny powders "
14. Neosula City " A hot, magnificent, & comfortable island surrounded by a burning water "
15. Coralbem City " The rainbow & victorious island with many pleasures "

A. Prisma Cave
B. Lunar Forest
C. Consecrated Hollow
D. Safari Field (Safari Zone)
E. Herbolodge Woods
F. Herbolodge's Pasture (Verdure Park)
G. Mt. Zenith
H. Wisteria's Catacombs
I. Zen Garden
J. Victory Road

Download this file to view the Geor Region's Waters (Hot/Cold, Salted/Non Salted ect). Be sure to have Win ZIP or Win RAR.

Click here!

- The map with the Red and Dark Blue areas are for the hot and cold waters in Geor

- The map with the Pale Blue and Dark Blue/Green areas is for salted and un-salted waters of Geor

- The map with the small Green and Teal area is to indicate where the tide is

- The map with some routes that have the Dark Blue colour is to indicate where you can dive.

Map Previews:

Purearth City



Hero's Vault:

The badge case
* Those badges will be remade~

From up, down, up, down etc:

Pale Badge - Own by Blanchette, Hambirone City's Gym Leader
Drill Badge - Own by Avalene, Minerhole Town's Gym Leader
Zap Badge - Own by Tracy, Seealga City's Gym Leader
Cloud Badge - Own by Fredther, Burgundy City's Gym Leader
Spirit Badge - Own by Tenebra, Lunar Town's Gym Leader
Hydrolic Badge - Own by Hydra, Royaline City's Gym Leader
Treffle Badge - Own by Petalie, Herbolodge Town's Gym Leader
Charcoal Badge - Own by Heacoal, Neosula City's Gym Leader

The ribbon case

From left, right, down-left, down-right and the middle:

Hambirone City Ribbon
Camplains Town Ribbon
Royaline City Ribbon
Purearth City Ribbon
Neosula City Ribbon



We don't show every Pokémon yet, just like Nintendo/Game Freak does. But, we will post the main ones. Some other Pokémon can be found throughout the thread.

#001. Cowherb
Type: Grass
PokéDex Entrie: Cowherb a small cow that enjoys having relationships with trainers. Its small flower on it's tail smells like
berries. That's why a lot of Pokémon are attracted to Cowherb.

#004. Friexy is
Type: Fire
PokéDex Entrie: This fire fox is really nice with other Pokémon. When Friexy is happy, it jumps and run all around the area. However, when
its not happy, Friexy release fire from it's mouth.

#007. Pliadore
Type: Water
PokéDex Entrie: Pliadore is a small Pliasore that loves to built friendship with it's trainer. While being able to swim and walk,
Pliadore is a tough Pokemon.

Supporter Banners





Blennix: For logo/banners
Canine Munch: Banners
RM2K3kid: For giving useful tutorials
Various websites: For screenshots (Where I ripped the graphics)
D/P Music CD: For Midis and Audios (Background music)
Novoni: 2 of the Starter Families
Criptexa: All of her Pokémon (Should be regonizeable)
Rocketmeowth: Few Pokémon

* Special thanks to Crazy Weaville for it's contribution to the game: Plot, Idea, etc.

© Copyright Pokémon 1996-2007. All rights are reserved. <-

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