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Pokemon Blackened Night


Alpha 3.1 has been released, no other releases other than bug fixes will be released by me.
Although if anyone feels like taking up where I left off, then go ahead.









All gen 4 and 5 Pokemon Pokemon!!!
New eeveelution(s)
New shadow Pokemon
All new region + extra after story region
Overhauled graphics
All new sprites(no one likes Emeralds sprites)
Fairy and Shadow types
Side quests
After story quests
Chaos Rush's custom sprites for new Pokemon
Physical Special Split w/icon
HGSS music w/ipatix's HQ sound patch
And many more!!


Alpha 3.1 9/12/15
Fixed Exp rate bugs, and moveset bugs
Pikachu special evolution was removed due to a game breaking bug

Alpha 3 7/24/15
Download Alpha 3

Alpha 3 goes up to right before Shivern Village, ie end of Route 8

Many many many bugs fixed. Including the Female invisible walking glitch.
More hero/heroine sprites added, thanks to the great and fabulous Avaramoon!
Fixed some music issues
Graphics fixes
Pikachu forest fixed!

And just general fixes all round

Alpha 2.1 6/28/15

Fixed OP trainers
fixed some minor bugs
removed some stupid scripts

Alpha 2 5/11/15

You must patch the file using nups or tsukuyomi onto a clean Emerald ROM.

So many bug fixes it's not even funny.
Fixed the hero/heroine runnign sprites. So no more odd color sprites.
Pikachu's custom no thunder stone evo works flawlessly(Thanks touched for the help)
More towns, routes and story to explorer and discover!
Pokecenter attendants actually care about their customers now.
Pcs work now.
Gen 4+5 pokemon are now actually in the game(Not all)

Alpha 1.1 1/11/15
Download Mirror
Fixed some tile errors.
Fixed nurse joy glitch.
Fixed Death glitches.
Buffed a few trainers.

For information on how to patch go HERE. The patch format is UPS so use the section dedicated to it for a tutorial.

Alpha 1 1/7/15 Download/Mirror/Mirror2

Known Bugs

Green Fixed-Yellow Fixed in next update-Red Gamebreakers not yet fixed.
As of Alpha 3 there are some very bad bugs that may ruin gameplay:
In the Western Mountains you will encounter ???? Pokemon that will crash the game, save often.
Berry tree on route 2
Some minor trainer glitches
Pokemon using the Medium-Fast exp rate are broken and will become glitchy past level 16.
Some battle backgrounds not yet inserted
Minor text errors
Minor tile errors

As of Alpha 2.1, bugs listed as fixed are fixed in Alpha 3:
Female sprite dissapears in and out when walking down
Pikachu forest broken

Some battle backgrounds not yet inserted
Minor text errors
Minor tile errors

Thankfully that should be it.

Please report more if you find them!

Old Description
- Old lame description and such.
Hello pokecommunity!! I'm here to present Charizard incs first game Pokemon Blackened Night!
As the Pokemon attacks on south falls city increase, a mysterious Pokemon appears and wipes out most of the town and citizens inside it. A year after the attack you decide to start your journey to become a Pokemon master and to avenge your family. During your adventure you encounter an evil organization called team midnight.their only goal, to envelope the world into eternal darkness with the powers of the legendary Pokemon garintina and darkrai.
For all of you story lovers im writing a more in-def version of the story-line. Hopefully i will be able to get it on here soon!

Things in current version:
New player sprites,
new enemy sprites,
new tilesets,
The first 2 gyms.

What to expect in the next update:
Such pokemon
2 or 3 more gyms
complete overhaul of tileset
more new sprites
bug fixes

Planning to add:
A better title screen
A new world map
A few shinnoh pokemon
New TMs (using normal attacks)
New type of pokemon league
Pokecenters and marts as one.
New music for towns routes and battles
New tilesets

Might add but not sure
2nd region
Some new attacks
Running inside-Added
Black and white repel system.

Pokemon that are planned on being added:
Ghost, steel, normal, poison eeveevlution
A new black eevee
Darkrai + new form
Garnitina + new form

Current version 1.3
Download 1.3 HERE

For information on how to patch go HERE. The patch format is UPS so use the section dedicated to it for a tutorial.
older versions
Version 1 HERE

Joexv (mapper/storyline/Scripter[once i figure it out])
1158 (scripter/tileset maker/mapper/spriter-super great spriter!)
Jacob (moral support/music maker/Ideas)
Joseph (beta tester/moral support)
Nintendo, gamefreak, creatures inc (for making such a great series)


Me for atm everything not listed
Everyone whos made a program, tutorial or public resource for Gen 3/5 rom hacking
1158 (scripter/tileset maker/mapper/spriter-super great spriter! On old version but still none the less he needs to be credited.)
Annonyboy OW Sprites!!
Avaramoon More OW Sprites!!
Nintendo, gamefreak, creatures inc (for making such a great series)
Mah fans
Programs Used:
A-Map 1.95
Hex Helper
Type Effectiveness Editor
Gba Graphics Editor
Character maker Pro
Gen 3 Hack Suite
Complete item Editor
Complete Multichoice Editor
Ups Patcher
VisualBoy Advanced
Text 2 Hex
XSE 1.1.1
Thanks to everyone who made these wonderful tools!

Resources Used:
HeartGold Music Patch
ipatix HQ sound patch
Wesely Fg's tiles+Sprites
That'ssowitty's tiles
Chaotic Cherry's tiles

CSS by Iloveeevee

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