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Adventure Time: The Video Game Walkthrough

Created by PJBottomz

Hello there! You don't really need to know who I am, so let's skip that. I've noticed an increasingly large lack of guides and reviews in this section, and I really have to wonder why. Of course, then I realize that a lot of people might not be eager to write them because they take forever and are really time consuming, and you actually have to put forth effort into them to make them any good. Despite that, I enjoy writing walkthroughs as they're fun to make and can really help people, depending on what game you pick. I don't know if anyone actually has this game - the actual title is Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!! - but it's one of my favorites and writing a walkthrough for it is something I really wanna do, especially since I have yet to find one that covers the events in the game in a correct order (I'm looking at you, IGN). Also, this gives me a chance to try out some somewhat fancy CSS and to showcase my knowledge of video games, so all in all, I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this, and hopefully it'll help everyone who happens to own this game.

Table of Contents

1.) Prologue
2.) Grasslands
3.) Tree Dungeon
4.) Candy Kingdom
5.) Tomb Dungeon
6.) Red Rock Pass
7.) Cave Dungeon
8.) Ice Kingdom / Fire Kingdom
9.) Ice King's Castle
10.) Book 'o Bosses
11.) Enigmatic Enemy Guide
12.) Apprehensive Item Coverage Guide
13.) Food + Condiments Combo List
14.) Wizards of Waverly Place Stars

These may not be updated in the correct order - I may add something to the reference guides, like a boss or enemies, that have already been covered in one section, and update it once again when another section is written. Therefore, I would recommend using the Table of Contents to avoid getting lost instead of scrolling down the thread, as they order might not be correct in the thread.


Sorry about the terrible quality, it was the only MP3 file of the song I could find

Your adventure into the Land of Ooo is about to begin! Press Start and choose a file and you will be cast off into the game! The game begins in a cosmic world, where you happen to encounter the Cosmic Owl! Jake will make a joke about Cosmic Owl's stanky poots, which will make the Cosmic Owl attack you with flying cosmic meteors! How un-radical! Thanks for nothing, Jake.

Don't worry about this, because Finn will wake up and find it was only a dream! However, he's still very angry at Jake for getting him dream-demolished, so Jake decides to let Finn destroy his teacup collection. Jake doesn't feel motivated enough to move, so Finn lets him tag along in his backpack, even though he's still a jerk for getting him killed.

You're now in control of Finn and Jake, so head to the left and go down the ladder. Continue right until you bump into BMO. He'll greet you and tell you that he overheard your conversation. He'll tag along with you and show you the basics of how to play. After the conversation is over, you'll automatically warp into the Secret Basement!

Now that you're in the basement, BMO will show you all the basic instructions of the game and all the controls. Simply head right and follow his commands to become a totally rad hero!

Pro Advice:

These basic controls are given to you at the start of the game. You'll be able to unlock more radical abilities as you progress through the game.

A Button: Interact with Overworlds
B Button: Jump
Y Button: Attack with Finn

Y + Y + Y: Triple Punch Combo
B then Y: Aerial Punch

X Button: Attack with Jake
Directional Pad: Move Around

Down Button: Duck

Down + B: Slide Kick
Down + Y: Low Kick

Up + Y: Uppercut

Start: Pause

Halfway through the tutorial, you'll get access to the BMO Screen. BMO will hold all of the Loot and Treasure you collect throughout the game, has a screen to show you Finn and Jake's stats/abilities, and contains a Map Screen that you'll activate later. I recommend saving that Cheeseburger - it gives a lot of health, and you don't really need to restore your health at this point.

Head to the right and go down the stairs yet again. On the bottom floor, you'll encounter Neptar, who just got back from an awesome babe-cation. He'll teach you about your stats and tell you about Wizard Stars, which help increase these stats. You can learn about each individual stat by either highlighting them on the Finn & Jake tab on the BMO Screen, or talking to Neptar.

Pro Advice:

Each stat is pretty straightforward, and you only have three: HEARTS, ATTACK, and SPEED. Each stat can be upgraded with Wizard Stars found throughout Ooo, and there are enough to upgrade each stat to it's full capacity.

HEARTS: Hearts are, obviously, your life force! Each heart you have can take 4 hits. You start out with two hearts, which is 8 hits. You can get a maximum of 6 stars, which is 24 hits! I recommend upgrading this first when you get the first Wizard Star, as it's very vital, and taking 8 hits isn't as hard as you think in this game.

ATTACK: Attack determines how much damage you give to enemies. You start out pretty weak in the beginning, so upgrading this after health is vital, especially since the bosses can be difficult without upgrades.

SPEED: Speed determines how fast you travel, both on the side-scrolling maps and the overworld maps. Since this isn't really as important as the other two, you can afford to not upgrade this if you want to focus on the other two stats. It will, however, help you escape enemy attacks better, so don't write it off completely.

It's best to keep these balanced as evenly as you can using an upgrade pattern of HEARTS ATTACK SPEED, because it might become noticeable if you train your focus on one or two stats and leave the others raw. There's no point in having a full health bar if you aren't fast enough to dodge attacks :P

Neptar will always be in Finn's house, so if you need to relearn anything about stats, go talk to him.

With that out of the way, there is nothing left to do in Finn's house but leave. Don't worry, you'll come back really soon. Head left and leave the house and... what is this?! Your garbage can is missing!

But the real question is, who took it? Why, it was no one other than that dirty old Ice King! What a jerk!

For some weird and unknown reason, the Ice King took all of your garbage! Now he's making you go through perilous dungeons and solve adequate riddles to get it all back! As fun as it sounds, what does he need the garbage for? Either way, you have no choice but to chase him down and give him a good 'ol fashioned booty kicking!

Head to the left, where you'll encounter some Water Nymphs in the next area. They'll tell you that you can save your game by taking a break next to the fountain. Saving by the fountain also completely replenishes your health, so don't pass up the chance for free healing when you come across these watery babes.

Pro Advice:

Whenever you're defeated, you're sent back to the last point in time that you saved at a fountain. Any items/upgrades obtained and general progress achieved since that last save will be reset once this happens. This does affect any items you use, however, and will restore them to their original state to be used again. Try to avoid getting defeated if you can - it sucks having to go back through everything. If your health is low and you're too far from a fountain, snack on some delicious food in your inventory or use a power-up to protect yourself.

After saving, head left, and you'll be cast into the lush Grasslands, where the true adventure will begin!


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