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The set-up you've got here is really aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, which adds a lot of quality to your guide. The Beemo cursor is a nice touch haha, and your excessive use of 'radical' brings that signature Adventure Time 'comical' feel into play. On top of that, your way of explaining things are light-hearted and easy to understand, so great job there. I picked up a few minor mistakes, but they can be fixed easily.

*typo corrections*

Other than that, I like what you've done so far and I'm always a fan of anything Adventure Time. Keep at it ;]
Thank you a bunch! I'm glad you like the CSS and the cursor, I thought they'd be nice additions. Yeah, it'd be hard to write any kind of Adventure Time guide without using the word radical lol. And typos, grr, they'll be the death of me. I make them a lot and they almost always go unnoticed. Thank you for pointing those out for me!
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