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Posted March 23rd, 2019
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Hmm... I'd probably say the first five, if only because they at least try to have them be actual movies and stories in their own right instead of excuses for advertising the latest Mythical Pokémon distribution, which is unfortunately a trend for Pokémon movies starting with Jirachi Wishmaker.

Other than that, the only other movie I might have been fond of is the Manaphy movie, mostly because the concept of Samiya was definitely intriguing (shame they didn't bring Misty in [she was a better fit than May was as a lead, to be honest] and ended up really making May do bad in the climax, though. That movie could have redeemed her, but alas, Ash saved the day again because May let Phantom abduct Manaphy like a coward and made no effort to even aid Ash in saving what was effectively her child.).

Of course, I'm hesitant to use the term favorite thanks to Toy Story.