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    Originally Posted by YourFavorite View Post
    I found two other bugs... in the factory that you go to with Amaria, if you try to go up the first set of stairs (the set that you come down to find Amaria surrounded) on the right side, you end up going nowhere. Also, if you go into the first, small section of the Underground Railnet from the right while on the bottom half of the railroad tracks, you end up getting teleported one space below where you should be.

    Also, I just wanted to let you know that I complain so much because I believe that this can be a really phenomenal game. ;)
    Noted, and thanks! I do appreciate the feedback~

    Originally Posted by LakituBroz View Post
    This game is incredible! It's like... wow. Just amazing. Only problem I have is that on Opal Bridge, my game lags badly in the overworld... I have no idea how.

    By the way... I've also noticed how if you go into Audio, and then BGM, I could look at the songs from the Jukebox... and put new ones in there. You mind if I do that?
    After Episode 9, before I start on 10 I'm going to do a huge anti-lag rework.
    And the music, you're free to do with as you please c:

    Originally Posted by HersheysPink View Post
    I'm not sure if this bug has been addressed, but if you lose against Taka you'll go back to the Pokemon Center, but the boat won't be at the dock to bring you back to Azurine Island. Luckily I saved right before going down into the basement though, so no bothers for me to repeat the steps.
    That's.... strange? Because I'm pretty sure the boat is actually a magical-omniscient boat that manages to be at every place at once. Are you positive about this?

    Originally Posted by Dragon-Tamer795 View Post
    Also, I am now unable to play Reborn- every time I start the game it crashes and windows gives the following message:

    RGSS Player has stopped working
    Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    Any idea what's going on? I think someone else had this issue a few pages back as well.
    Okay, it's REALLY weird that you started getting this error when you didn't have it before. However, I know there's a fix for the people that have this error in the first place, and I could pass that onto you, exceeeeeeeept that it's on the forums and- well, I'll talk about the site in a mo'.

    Originally Posted by Antigen X View Post
    EDIT: Also, one minor suggestion. Do you think it'd be possible to display the gender of the Pokemon the trainer acquires on the nickname screen? I know there's a Name Rater early in the game, but I'd still like to be able to give my Pokemon the appropriate nickname without having to go somewhere just to fix it. This isn't as much of a problem with wild Pokemon, but with gift Pokemon like Ralts you won't find out what gender it is until after it's been added to your party.
    I would love to, but I'm not an excellent scripter myself- at least I'm not confident enough to know how put it into Essentials.
    Pretty much why I have the name rater accessible from the get-go. >< It's a cover-up until someone else can add that.

    Originally Posted by Shiro No Kishidan View Post
    Togepi. Also for those wondering I think the shiny chance was 1/100 if I remember correctly. Another thing is that apparently the website will probably be up back in a week or two according to the info put up on the reborn pokemon online server. Hope this helps.
    Shiny chance is 1/700

    Originally Posted by Slaying Moon View Post
    I've found a bug in the Yureyu HQ. After defeating Grunts Simon and Tara, when Charlotte starts walking away, she looks towards the locked gate and the game freezes, but the music still plays.
    This was definitely an issue in the original episode 8 release, but I reuploaded to fix it. At this point, might be best to just wait for the site to come back for 9.

    Originally Posted by YagamiNoir4896 View Post
    My saved file deleted itself! How is this possible?

    And great, when I went to make a new file I couldn't save it, happened a couple of times. The links aren't available for re-downloading either. I believe the game is restricted to some countries? Why is that so?
    That's really weird! Anyway I'll get to the download stuff momentarily, but how could your save file delete itself....? Are you on Mac?

    OKAY here's the deal with the website

    Episode 9 is 100% done and ready to go, already been tested, blahblhablahbafisdbfjisehfsdf.
    So I get online to release it last Friday
    Turns out my site was DDoS'd that morning. For those who don't know, basically it's an attack on a site to take it offline. It's a federal crime. Going to work on tracing back who's responsible, but for now-- because of the attack our old webhost doesn't want to serve us anymore, so I had to purchase a new hosting service, and I believe they're currently trying to transfer everything. We also got a new domain in the process, but I'll do my best to redirect the old one.
    So I -want- to be back up within a week, but that really depends on how nice the hosts play together, and how much I have to do manually. Episode 9 will be out pretty much as soon as the site comes back up.
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