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    Name: Vincent (Vinnie) Valentine
    Gender: Male
    Color: Red
    Class: BARD

    Age: 16 (it really doesn’t matter too much. If everyone else happens to be 15 or something I’ll probably change it to 15 because OCD)
    Home: Paris, France (He lives in a grand, four story château on Champs-Élysées)
    Family: Vinnie lives with his affectionate, cool Grand-Mère Lillian. He simply calls her Mémé. They have an elderly, Brittish butler named Reginald, who is sort of an Alfred to Vinnie’s batman. Vinnie also has a long haired Calico named Rocco. His fur is dark brown, black, and orange-ish. Rocco is notorious for being afraid of everything except Vinnie and cat food.
    Theme song: Affection – All American Rejects. Such a beautiful and awesome song :P

    EDIT: For more action-y scenes, and for a better representation of Vinnie's kind of music the songs Organ Donor by Zomboy or Promises by Nero could be used. I had trouble finding a song that fit him personality wise but also fit his taste in music, but I couldnt really find any techno or dubstep songs with, you know, meaningful lyrics lol. So these will be alts I guess. Also I'll probably link more songs from time to time, just for whenever I feel like a funkier beat is needed haha. Links below

    Good personality traits: Caring, Chivalrous, Sociable, Strong Willed (but not to the point of pointless stubbornness), honest
    Bad personality traits: A bit full of himself, tends to freak out in high end situations, paranoid, too affectionate, overly dramatic, somewhat lazy (if he doesn't think something is neccesary, he wont do it)
    Interests and hobbies: Playing JRPGs, RTSs, the electric guitar, techno music and dubstep. History, Romance, girls, Reading realistic fiction (like stuff that doesn’t involve the supernatural, but still fiction; i.e. Heart of Darkness or the Three Musketeers), and Knights (cuirassiers)

    Appearance: Vinnie is fairly tall, just under six feet. He has medium length, dark brown curly hair, which kinda gives him an afro. Efforts to tame his hair have been unsuccessful, so he usually just lets it ride. He has slightly tanned skin, more of a genetic trait than an indicator of spending time outside. His handsome face would be covered in hair if it were not for his daily shaving, something he again can thank his genes. He keeps his beard down to a minimum, without shaving it completely. His eyes are also dark brown, completing the Mediterranean look. As far as build, he is average. Not extremely muscular, but not a stick either. When it comes to clothing, Vinnie pulls all the stops. With the wealth enough for a family of sixteen, Vinnie often finds himself in the position to always buy new clothes. A casual day consists of dark jeans, a V-neck, and a tailored, button-up checkered shirt. More formal occasions call for nothing less than a full tuxedo, always sporting the bowtie.

    Warning: picture is huge
    I have two pictures. The first is better for Vinnie’s Haircut, while the second is closer to Vinnie’s age.

    First post:


    Vinnie Valentine

    The bell was about to ring, and everybody was buzzing with the usual pre-dismissal conversation. Talk about last night’s calculus homework, the party at Maria’s place on Friday, the new teacher on E-Wing….but none of it concerned me. I had other things on my mind, as usual. Glancing across the room, I located my target. Charlotte. Hot damn was she cute. I nonchalantly slid my book bag on as the bell rang, waiting for her to pass before I got up. She smelled like vanilla…

    I followed Charlotte at a distance down the hallway, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. She stopped at a locker and started to unlock it. I grinned to myself. Too easy. As I started to close in, a big fellow by the name of Seymour Collins stepped in beside Charlotte and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He then put his arm around her affectionately.

    “Bonjour, Madame Mignon…” I thought I heard him say as I shifted my course to avoid a train wreck. Damn it. I guess that makes, what? 20 girls now I've either broken up with within a week or missed completely since Veronica now? I continued down the hallway, doing my best not to look embarrassed, even though nobody really knew anything just happened. If anybody looked at me it would appear my face just flushed for no reason.

    In my haste to flee the traumatic location, I nearly knocked over my pal Harrison.

    “Whoa!” he said, using his hand to keep his balance on the wall. He blinked in confusion for a moment and then exclaimed, “Oh, hey Vinnie! What do you think about Phantom Pains?" Now it was my turn to be confused.

    “What? Phantom Pains?” Harrison looked at me in disbelief.

    “Mec! Its the new Metal Gear Solid game! Kojima's on board this time, too. You should check it out sometime, maybe stop by Le Magasin de Jeu Vidéo…” Sounds interesting enough, maybe I will check it out.

    “Oh, thanks for the tip dude. I’ll look into it. But I gotta run so seeya later!”

    “Alright dude, seeya,” Harrison replied back. We went our separate ways, his of pursuit and mine of escape.

    About an hour later, I walked up to my front door. It looked like it was about to rain, and the news forecast called for lightning. As I stepped in, Mémé called from the kitchen, located on the other side of the staircase in front of me, “Did you get the mail, Vinnie?” She didn’t have to ask who it was, nobody else came to our house besides us two.

    “…..Non,” I grumbled. Dropping my bag on the floor, I turned out the door and ran to the mailbox, which was what seemed light-years away. I hurriedly grabbed its contents, and sprinted back towards the house. Rain started to fall. I managed to make it inside without getting too wet from rain, but the extra effort of running made me sweat a bit. I dropped the mail onto the coffee table in the living room to the left of the door, and something fell out. A neatly enclosed envelope, labeled “CHESS” in printed text that resembled a logo landed at my feet. Curious. I bent down to pick it up as lightning cracked in the window. Rocco darted under the couch for cover as thunder followed.

    “Scaredy cat,” I teased as I tore open the envelope. Inside was a CD Case, not unlike a computer game, with the same Logo printed on the cover. On the back, there were just a few legalities and the phrase, ‘What are you made of?” in English. Cryptic. I opened it up, tearing off the plastic seal haphazardly, leaving bits and pieces on the floor. Inside was a leaflet. I quickly closed it back up and picked up my trash and bookbag. I headed downstairs to the “Bat Cave” as Mémé likes to call it, my second bedroom. I had stuff to do; this can wait.

    Once there I threw my bookbag on the bed and my trash in the waste basket. My room was messy as usual; spare toys such as differently sized Rubik’s cubes and legos littered the floor. My walls were just as messy, with random drawings and posters hung astray. It had been months since Mémé was down here, so I hadn’t necessarily felt the need to tidy up. Giving my suit of armor a fist bump (yes, I have a suit of armor in one of my rooms), I hoped into my desk chair and turned my computer on. As it was coming to life, I checked my phone for any messages. I sent a message out to Maria, who I had just broken up with a few days ago. Things were kinda hot between me and her at the moment. I looked up to find my computer waiting for me. I typed in my password and wasted no time saying “Remind me in 24 hours” to the Java update that was available. I opened up Microsoft word right of the bat, hoping to knock out my History paper in an hour or so. It was on medieval times in Eastern Europe, something easy. The Byzantine Empire was the easiest choice to focus on, but I wanted to take the alternate route and look at the Slavs and the development of Russia. I settled into my work, but the disaster of today’s earlier escapade still lingered in the back of my mind. Oh so stupid. Why do you always find a way to screw it up with girls, Vinnie?

    A little under an hour later, I stretched my back, viewing my paper. I did a quick spell check and printed it off. As I put my paper in my bookbag, I noticed my sword rack had fallen behind my bed. I reached down there and pulled it back up, following a second and third time to retrieve the now dislodged armaments. I smiled when I revealed my prized piece of sweet merch: a replica Revolver Gunblade, just like the one Squall used in Final Fantasy 8. God, his voice actor was so great in Dissidia. Before I could put it back on the wall, dread filled my stomach. I heard the stairs creek.

    I knew I didn’t have time to clean anything up, so I just buried my face in my hands, waiting certain doom. I heard Mémé’s feet make contact with my hardwood floor.

    “Vinnie!” she scolded, with an air of disappointment in her voice, “Your room is an absolute mess!”

    “I know….” I guiltily muttered from my hands. How did she make me feel so guilty so easily? My parents never made me feel bad about having a messy room when they were alive, no matter how many times they brought it up. But apparently all Mémé had to do was acknowledge it once.

    “Well,” she said, matter-of-factly, “I expect this will be cleaned before dinner. In the meantime, I will tell Reginald that he needn’t bother with cleaning your other room anymore; you will be responsible for both now.” With that, she went back upstairs, making a tsk, tsk noise as she did.

    I groaned, and started to clean up a bit of the stuff on the floor, when I saw the CHESS case again. Now was as good a time as ever to read that leaflet, I supposed. I slouched in an armchair and took the leaflet out of the game case, and began reading:

    CHESS will challenge Gaming as humanity knows it…

    Create. Destroy. Protect. Explore. Endure. Survive. Kill.

    Each word in that last part was a different color.

    “Hello, you have been chosen to participate in CHESS, a feat that will be accredited to very few individuals. CHESS is an innovative, exciting new computer game meant to revolutionize gaming and life as we know it. Bringing you features from popular genres such as Simulation, Role-Playing, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and many more. Each of these features has been molded and refined to their maximum level. Upon installing the game, you will enter a world of mystery and suspense, all while enjoying the perfection that is CHESS.”

    How intriguing…

    Vinnie is back, baby. :P

    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!
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