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.personal specifications
✜ Name: Adrian Smidth
✜ Gender: Male
✜ Color: Green
✜ Class: SMITH
✜ Age: 15
.home situation
% House:
Just another square shaped two stories house plus a basement and an overly tended to garden on a long, dull street in Brisbane, Australia. The outer walls are white but blue color lines the windows.
On the bottom floor is a big hallway with a staircase, a huge living room, a kitchen, a water closet and a room where Mrs Smidth keeps a lot of junk, as Adrian puts it.
On the upper floor are three bedrooms, a bigger bathroom and a smaller living room.
In the basement is a room with washing machines, a room with garden tools and stuff and a door leading to the garden via small stairs outside, as well as a room where Mr Smidth keeps a lot of junk, as Adrian once again puts it.

% Family:
Mother, father and two older twin sisters. Plus a pet bunny.
# General theme:
Crystalanthology (
.good personality traits
+ Alert
Adrian is never really lazy, dozing off or easy to sneak by or lie to. Coupled with his suspicion, this makes him a person who is as good as always ready to get going and take action.
+ Diplomatic
Adrian seeking approval from others has developed into him striving to make peace between others whenever there is dispute, to try and make everyone happy. He really doesn't like getting into verbal fights.
+ Wild and rapid imagination
One way of dealing with unhappiness with oneself is to flee into imaginary worlds inside your mind. Adrian does this a lot and is therefore "trained" to see unpredictable possibilities where others see hopelessness.
.bad personality traits
- Suspicious
Since he sometimes fakes his own intentions and interests, Adrian has become suspicious of that others might do the same. He thus has a bit of trouble trusting people, even if acts friendly on most occasions.
- Tendency to worry about anything
There might not be any scientific explanation for it, but Adrian gets easily stressed up and worries about things that are about to happen, or just might happen. Luckily, this doesn't make him narrow minded but rather heightens his alertness more.
- Low self esteem
What it all boils down to. Adrian has grown up as a friend to some really rad dudes but as a teenager he has troubles when he begins to realize that his interests aren't really the same as theirs. He wonders if there is something wrong with him and does his best to keep up the belief that he is really one of the cool skater dudes and not a dreamy superherogeeky bunny lover.
.interests and hobbies
¤ Skateboarding
This is one of those things he has been doing forever. He used to be really great at manuevering the board, but ever since he started doubting himself and if he really was as cool as he acted around his friends, the board hasn't really been cooperating...
¤ Superheroes
In younger days, he and his friends used to read comic books and collect toys together, but now the others have put that behind them. Adrian wished that he had too, but he still keeps his figurines and action toys on shelves in his room. He has watched every superhero movie and is fascinated by their stories and powers. Especially Thor. Who was also a god. Just, wow.
¤ Animals, especially bunnies
Adrian likes most animals, but his mother is afraid of cats and his sisters dislike dogs and his father doesn't think animals without fur is worth having so a couple of years ago they got a bunny for the boy to shut him up. He is black and named Jet. He has long ears and large feet and is somewhat of a jerk and annoying at times. At other times, he is Adrian's shoulder to cry on.
¤ Playing the drums
A little under a year ago when Adrian's feelings were about to boil over, his sisters were unexpectedly friendly and hinted that their dancing was partially to take their mind off troubling things and that he should try to learn an instrument or something. Adrian bought some bongo drums and later got a whole drumset on his birthday. The whole Smidth family has since regretted this, because even if playing does make Adrian more relaxed, he isn't really bearable to listen to yet.
Adrian Smidth is around 180cm tall and weighs a bit less than his mother thinks he should. He's definitely closer to being skinny than being the least bit fat. His hair is sandy blonde and seems to have an eternal wavy out-of-bed look. It's not like he puts a lot of effort into it, the salty sea breeze just makes his hair look like this. His eyes are big with a soft blue color, which does seem gray in daylight but might gleam greenishly in dim light. Eyes you want to trust. At least until you see how rushed and worried he often gets. Other than that, his face is friendly and somewhat boyish, with just the slightest tint of a goatee springing up. In one of his ears, he wears a golden ring. Mostly to look cool, and he often fiddles with it when he's in deep thought or feeling stressed up.

Since he's an avid skateboarder, his physique is moderately good without being really muscular. He's not the one to train for the sake of training, even though he sometimes worries about not being healthy enough. His usual choice of clothing is rather skinny jeans and long sleeved t-shirts, preferably ones with bright pastel colors. For no particular reason other than it makes him look strangely confident, which mostly helps himself calm down. Often, he wears gray or beige hood shirts on top of that.

This is, kind of, him, ish. But Adrian has a softer face in my mind:
.first post
Adrian woke up with a gasp. He had been dreaming something really strange. Again. Argh, he usually daydreamed so much that his sleep was relatively dreamless but during the last week... He just didn't know. He forgot what it was really about mere minutes after waking up though.

When his focus adjusted and he could see clearly, he was met with a big, furry face staring at him from on top of his chest. Another gasp followed by a rapid ascent into sitting position.

"Jet," Adrian acknowledged with a sigh while the big, black bunny jumped off him and onto another part of the couch. "Was I sleeping in the couch again?"

"You got home, sighed loudly and then just kind of got stuck there!" a girly voice came from the hallway. Adrian leaned his head to the side as she walked in. After living with them for 15 years, he could differentiate between his twin sisters with a blindfold on. This was Drava, the cheerful one. She often had blonde her hair in two pigtails anyways, while her sister Lina usually had a ponytail.

"And you didn't wake me?"

"I wouldn't want to disturb your beautysleep, dear brother!" Drava giggled as she came to a stop in front of the hallway mirror, visible from the couch in the living room.

"What are you doing? Are you going somewhere? What day is it?" Adrian asked, rubbing his head and getting up, trying to wake up properly. "What time is it even?"

"It's 5 o'clock in the morning on a beautiful summer's day!" Drava responded cheerfully. "We're leaving to train for the big dance competition, don't you remember? It's on wednesday."

"Oh," was Adrian's only response as he stumbled past her into the kitchen. Lina was there, sipping on her cup of black coffee all finished already.

"Stay out of trouble while we and dad and mum are gone," she said simply.

Adrian nodded. "Yeah, yeah. Don't I always?"


The twins left the house before too long, leaving Adrian alone with Jet and the sunrise. It was really so early that people on the other side of the world should still be about doing their sunlight evening business on the previous date. Ugh. If there were people he didn't bother kissing up to, it was definitely his sisters. Or his parents. Or both. His whole family. If he had only gotten some brothers instead. Then he might be more normal...

"Jet, do you think I should stop trying?" he asked his bunny. Jet just stared out the window. It wasn't as if Adrian expected an answer. He often talked to Jet without the bunny talking back. It was cool. It was the pet way. The boy lazily bit into a breakfast sandwich that the twins had left laying around and followed Jet's gaze out through the window.

A little light poked his eye. A minor reflection in something from the earliest rays of the sun. It was the swingy thingy on the mailbox down on the street. What are those even called? Anyways, the red swingy thingy was up, signaling that there was new mail. Huh, new mail? This early? Postmen must really have a hard job.

With Jet in his arms, Adrian walked out to get the mail and put the swingy... thingy down again. There was only one thing there, a package the size of a book. Adressed to him. Strange, he hadn't ordered anything. Maybe some elaborate advertisement trick? He surely wouldn't fall for it, in that case!

He walked directly up the stairs now, striding across the living area into his own room where he put Jet down on his bed and began opening the little package. Tearing apart the brown cover paper revealed a blue and red and white box, dvd size. It was a game. A computer game. That much was clear. The front picture gleamed when he tilted it, a shiny holographic. The word CHESS was printed with black letters on the white background just below the dramatic picture.

"Chess? Oh boy, this is so a trick. Who wants to play chess on a computer? It's dull enough with a board and pieces!"

He threw the game on the bed beside Jet and sat down in front of his desk, booting up his computer anyways. While it was starting, he looked around his room. His old, square shaped room in which he had been stuck for so many days of his life. Not because he couldn't leave but because he hadn't wanted to. Some days. In here, he could be himself. Just him and Jet and Thor and his fantasies. Purely innocent fantasies, but still infinitely silly and dorky and childish. Nothing he would ever tell anyone about. When others came around to his place and saw all his superhero stuff that littered the shelves along one wall of the room, he just laughed it off in a cool way and blamed nostalgia. It always worked.

His drum set had its own place between the desk and the bed. No dust on that, he played almost daily. Stress relief, plus he was quite certain that he was getting rather good at it by now. Randomly on the floor in the middle of the room lay, beside a few dirty socks, one of his skateboards. This particular one, he hadn't used for a while. It was more advanced than the one he rode daily now, because he had switched to the simpler one when he was starting to get out of tune with skateboarding... Not that it had helped. In a corner, dusty by now, still stood his half plastic half metal replica of Thor's hammer. Mjölnir. So cool. Light enough for him to lift and even swing. But he hadn't done that for a long time now. Maybe he was finally growing out of these manners? He could only hope.

On top of the bed sheets, Jet nibbled silently on a corner of the CHESS game's box.

"No! Jet, you dork!" Adrian grabbed the CHESS game box and pulled it away forcefully from the indifferent bunny. "Are you so nerdy that you have to eat the game?"

He looked it over. Not much damage. Likely, Jet was just bored and not hungry. Why Adrian would be so worried about his pet swallowing some advertisement was beyond himself, yet... Well, today he would be alone and rather bored and he didn't want to start with the chores he had been given yet so...

Unpacking the box earned him a dvd case and... No it was a CD case even. Who still used CDs nowadays when Bluray existed and all? It wasn't just advertisement, it was bad advertisement! There was also a leaflet.

"Hello, you have been chosen to participate in CHESS, a feat that will be accredited to very few individuals. CHESS is an innovative, exciting new computer game meant to revolutionize gaming and life as we know it. Bringing you features from popular genres such as Simulation, Role-Playing, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and many more. Each of these features has been molded and refined to their maximum level. Upon installing the game, you will enter a world of mystery and suspense, all while enjoying the perfection that is CHESS."

Perfection? Adrian leaned his head a bit and looked at the cover of the box again. There was more text there, small text that he had overlooked before.
"✜ If a PLAYER is slain, the KISS has to be given to the corpse and the DREAMSELF will come alive.
✜ If a DREAMSELF is slain, the PLAYER will nevermore dream on the MOONS.
✜ If a PLAYER with a dead DREAMSELF is slain, the player enters the AFTERLIFE."
"Okay... This doesn't sound like the worst thing ever actually!" Adrian said with a smile. All he really had to worry about was if there was a virus or trojan or something in the files. This could be a very elaborate ploy to steal stuff on his computer. Not that there was much worth stealing there apart from a few pretty good fanfics that he had doodled together years ago and hadn't had the heart to delete. Plus, he had a good antivirus program. He should be safe, right?

Just to be on the even safer side, he googled CHESS first. But there was nothing about a computer game like this. Only computer simulations of normal chess, which this didn't really sound like. He furrowed his brow and looked over at Jet, who stared back with a little 'huff'.

"I'll just have to take a chance," Adrian said. Chances was something he wasn't really comfortable with. They were unpredictable and unreliable. Yet, he was being a puss for not daring to take them more often, so this would not be one of those times. He inserted the CD into the computer.
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