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    Yeah, back in the day, I almost the full series of Duel Masters and had the epic failure of 30% of my cards falling out from just happening to be on top. I suppose that is my biggest fear is them falling out, I don't plan to carry them around or anything, I'm just wanting to age-protect them. I've got a ton of old base - Neo cards in a giant storage box, but a lot of them are frayed and generally weak / falling apart to the touch, don't want that to happen with round two. I was thinking of using the clear card sleeve, then the 9 slot binders, just didn't know what brand would be the best. Money isn't a problem.

    Also, anyone know of the exact size of oversized card? I've already got the one from the Mewtwo box, though most sites list their other pages by H x W, not sure the exact measurements of the oversized, the Mewtwo looks a little bigger than I remember back from the Neo and Reverse Shiny Remake set, but maybe not.
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