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    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    i like it :D can't wait for the final version ><

    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    very cool :) changes in 3.1 are cooler than 3.0 .
    Beta 3.0 was rushed, and so it was missing quite a lot of things. It's not like it was unstable though, instead there were simply lots of things that could have been done better so I updated it later on (to release 3.1).

    Originally Posted by czen29 View Post
    i even defeated isaac in one battle ><
    Hahha, kinda had to take that possibility in coding too, although you "should" have lost to his "next phase" the first try.

    Originally Posted by l0l20r2 View Post
    I appreciate that you take the time to make Gen 1/2 hacks. They allow so much more freedom and tbh it feels more nostalgic as those are the versions I grew up with. Good luck :)
    Well, I started off rom hacking in late 2008 by hacking Pokemon Crystal. I used to do lots of map edit hacks along with a couple of other features until I decided to learn, how to do the job "right". So, the thing is that it was easy for me to move on using a base similar to Crystal, so I first picked Gold actually and later on switched to using Silver in 2010 when I also released the first early demo of this hack.

    Nowadays though, I wouldn't have a problem at hacking anything else either. If I was to start another hack, it could be practically of anything. If I did that, I wouldn't probably go for a GB/C pokemon hack; mainly because of the fact that I'm already familiar with GB/C assembly and how those games work. It could be another pokemon game like Emerald, or possibly some RPG game made by Square Enix instead.

    But, I'm stuck with this one and now that I've gotten this far, there is no turning back anymore, hahha!

    Originally Posted by l0l20r2 View Post
    Question. What level does Jolteon learn an electric type move? Kinda need to know.
    If I remember correctly, it learns Spark at level 33, Thunderbolt at level 44 and Thunder at level 51. You can actually confirm these yourself by playing the game (you can run into this knowledge one way or another, not telling how though!), but the way it works is not so well-implemented in beta 3 that you would get actual use of doing that.
    Or more like, you can only put that knowledge into use when training another Eevee which you can get either by breeding or by buying one (but you can unfortunately do neither in beta 3).
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