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    I am so happy to see a hack that can legitimately be called a hack and not an "edit". I am excited to see what beta 4 has in store. The book with the missing pages is an intriguing addition and I cannot wait to see how it pans out. What can I say, I am a sucker for side quests that adds to a game's replay value. :P

    Your work has reignited my interest in rom hacking which unfortunately died a few years ago due to the feeling that there was no longer an interest in gb/gbc hacking. I found a few gb/gbc hacks but they were little more than text edits for the sake of comedy rather than a game overhaul (due to the lack of fancy tools probably, sad few people want to put forth the effort to learn a little asm to test the limits of a game's potential).

    Looking forward to your next programming video also. Keep up the wonderful work!
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