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    I've finally got a project underway! This game is to include every single Kaiju from Toho and various other Companies.

    You play as a GDF (Global Defence Force) Agent starting their new job but things don't goto plan and you head to your first mission straight away.(Minilla is terroising a small village in Hokkaido, Japan)...More of story up soon!

    I'm using Pokemon Essentials but I am trying to make it look it less Pokemon Like but im using Tilesets and other stuff too!

    Q:What is exactly 'Kaiju'?
    A:Kaiju is popular term for the Japanese Movie Monsters like Godzilla

    Q:What is the GDF (Global Defence Force)?
    A:The GDF is a group of agents that research what the Kaiju are currently doing and have their own Monsters (Mechas)

    Q: Who is Minilla?
    A:The word used for Godzilla's son.

    Q: Why are using Pokemon Essentials and using Pokemon Tilesets?
    A: There is no starting pack for the Godzilla Series and so I use Pokemon Essentials and i'm using the Tilesets because
    all of the godzilla tile stuff are all Black and White and too Old for re-colouring (Will Just look very dull).

    Q:What's going to happen to the Pokemon Sprites
    A: They will be replaced by the Kaiju Monsters that I have found from various websites. I have already done Mothra and can be seen in my albums.

    Alistair,Kyledove and Saurav - Tilesets
    Enterbrain - RMXP
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