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    Well that was pretty entertaining, despite me understanding like... none of what was said. XD; Everything went fast this episode, it seemed. So much running around.
    Episode review time, woohoo.

    Bel is crazy, wow. I didn't know too much about her before, but WOW. Girl has some serious hyperactivity. And disorganization. And she is such a blonde. I do think she's a pretty fun character, I hope we'll see her more. She also seemed to grow and shrink randomly throughout the episode... guess that hat is magical.

    Dent... is adorable. So depressed over his kitchenware. Awwwww. And pretty nice-looking shirtless, too <3

    Ash fell off things multiple times. Heeheehee. And got a nice-looking badge case.

    Pikachu got molested and beat up. :< Poor thing is so abused this season.

    Iris was in the background this episode. I don't mind that too much. And I'm beginning to notice that she is dwarfed by her hair.

    Chillarmy is such a mischievous little Pokémon! I hope he retains that personality, it's cute~ I liked his Attract; manly Chillarmy was amusing. And that was either the lamest or best capture ever, I really can't decide.

    Team Rocket... idk what they're doing. Something secret and illegal. I think they need to stop being so.. cool and do something interesting.

    Uhm... yeah. Fun episode. Weird that the egg randomly showed up for a brief moment, I kinda wonder what was going on there. Was Nurse Joy doing a checkup on it or what?
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