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    Tyranitar @ Hard Stone Nature: ?
    Ability: Sandstream
    Aerial Ace

    Ancientpower is the principle move here mainly at the cause of that Tyranitar gets 90 Power when you calculate STAB and the hard stone gives an added boost which brings this dinasuars Ancientpower power (redundancy, i know) to roughly a sweeper-worthy 108, which is even better than E-Quake and it boosts all of his stats one stage. Thunder is awesome on T-tar because of the sheer power, not to mention the added coverage. Icebeam is another coverage move but with better accuracy. And aerial ace covers him but also never misses, which is useful when you consider how many times you see: sand-attack, double team, minimize or any other accuracy lowering or evasion rising move there is out there. Altogether, when T-tar gets going he isn't likely to be stopped.