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    Fantastic question that I've never once thought about!

    If I woke up, say in... New Bark Town, just like your character does when you start your journey in the games, I'd be scared and nervous. I guess what I do in Johto, depends entirely on whether or not there's a way home.

    If I can go back home, I put all of my efforts into trying to get home, or at least trying to communicate with family/friends first. I won't focus on trying to get a Pokemon - Assuming I'm waking in New Bark Town, and I go see Prof. Elm, I'll have the chance to see one, and that's good enough for me. Now, if I can't go home... Well, I suppose then I'd try and just begin an epic quest like the hero of the games does. Perhaps settling down in Goldenrod, trying to find a Pokemon companion, and meeting new people would be really cool.

    Perhaps let Whitney know that I'm not too particularly fond of her Miltank? ;]
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