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  • Okay, finals time! After my battle with Bede, I was up against Nessa. I first brought out Dedue while Nessa released Golispod. Oof I forgot that Pokemon has First Impression, and so Dedue collapsed. I had Ingrid stall a couple of her Pokemon a bit until I revived Dedue again, and I was able to bounce back up. After I defeated her, Bede was next and she pretty easy too.
  • Final match of the finals was against Raihan. I first brought out Connery so that I can use Rain Dance to cancel out his Torkoal's Drought. Raihan then brought out Goodra, who used Thunder and almost made Connery faint. Raihan used the rain to his advantage oh my gosh. Switched to Mercedes to deal with Goodra and then I brought back Connery while he let out his Flygon next. I had Connery use Rain Dance again, and then his Flygon created a sandstorm. Did Rain Dance a third time before using Ice Beam. I then switched Connery to Roark when Raihan brought out Duraludon. Connery used Max Quake and boom onto the championship.
  • Championship match time! Or, would have been if Rose hadn't interrupted it. So Leon went to deal with Rose while Hop and I went to the woods back in our hometown to see if we can see Zacian again. While there not only did we see Zacian but also Zamazenta! At the end of the woods we found and grabbed the rusted sword and shield, then headed to Hammerlock.
  • Hop and I went down Hammerlock Stadium's basement and met Rose there. He talked about how all the experiments were to bring forth Eternatus as a way to save Galar's energy. He then challenges me to a battle, which was easy with Caleb. After that he lets me and Hop go up the tower to see Leon going against Eternatus. Leon attempted to catch it, but it pops out of the ball and then changes form. Oh dear.
  • Hop's and my Pokemon to attack Eternatus's new form, but none of the moves work. Hop then said something about the rusted sword and shield and we pulled those out. Bam, Zacian and Zamazenta appeared to help us out and we got a Max Raid battle going! Ahhh I noticed flashes of the cities I visited in the background which I thought was a really nice touch. Took a bit of work, but we defeated Eternatus and captured it.
  • Okay, now Championship time! Overall the match wasn't too hard mainly due to my Pokemon on par with Leon's levels. Only real hiccup was when his Haxorus used Outraged on Connery and was near collapse. Connery be like, "taste my Max Geyser" to G-Max Charizard haha. And thus, I became Champion of Galar.

Current Team:
  • Connery- Inteleon, Lv 65
  • Ingrid- Corviknight, Lv 64
  • Roark- Colossal, Lv 65
  • Dedue- Shifty, Lv 64
  • Mercedes- Alcremie Lv 63
  • Caleb- Centiskorch, Lv 66

Picture of my team under spoiler tag!


And there you have it, the main story beaten! Even though I know there's a post game story I'll leave it here since I kinda forgot how time consuming writing logs, even a plain one like this, can be haha. Story and character wise I prefer Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon's premise, but still had a lot of fun. Those that read my logs, hope you enjoyed them!

Foul Play
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