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Alright everybody, tone this thread down. I'd like to redirect all recent repliers to this portion of the Hacks Showcase Rules Thread:

Do not comment offensively when criticising a hack.
Don’t show signs of brutality when criticising a hack – no sarcastic comments, flaming, or any other snide comments that may offensive or may lower their self-esteem. Try to be neutral in your commenting.

If you are the hack owner, don’t react harshly to the comments of others – don’t expect constant praise. The criticisms that you receive should be to point out where you need to improve!
Regardless as to whether you believe Dark Rising is a good hack or not please stick to non-trolling/ overly sarcastic responses - Being helpful is far better than being brash.

DarkRisingGirl, please take more care in how you respond to others. You're in charge of this thread so aim to be a good host and respond appropriately rather than flippantly disregarding people because they visit different forums/ have an alternate opinion to you.

The next person to post anything remotely disrespectful to another member here will be infracted. Fair warning.
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