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I'm so glad there is a thread about this. Pokemon Snap was really a life changing game.

I remember it was one of the first games I got with my N64 Along with Hey You Pikachu! & Super Smash Bros. <<< BOTH AWESOME GAMES I MIGHT ADD.

Anyway.. This game was really revolutionary at the time for me. Being like 5, or 6 and experimenting for the first time with a home console, I got to explore all the different habitats of Pokemon, and I could capture the way they lived, and the silly things they did while they were out walking around.

I wonder a lot because in this day & age I'm a professional photographer, and I often think back to my roots on how my love for photography really started. I thought it was in 2007 when I got my first camera phone, and I couldn't keep myself from snapping pictures of everything around me. However, I think it stems back a lot further to the mid/late 90's playing this game.

Pokemon Snap was great because the Pokemon were filled with expression, and you had the freedom to capture them the way you wanted. I think a remake of this game for the Wii would make me go out and buy a new console.

///////////////////////////// MOMENTS OF NOSTALGIA /////////////////////////////

Anyone remember any of these moments?

1. The beach level where you could throw the apples, and stop your cart from moving up the tracks, and the Pikachu would grab them then hop on the surf board + points if you got that ill shot.

2. Further on in that beach level when you're going through the tall grass, and provoke the Scyther to fly out. It all happens so quick, but it's a great shot if you manage to catch it.

3. The volcano level with the Vulpix & Charmander. It beats me where they came from, but somehow I remember having at least 30+ of them running around my cart crying their names, and getting hit in the head with my thrown apples. GREAT MEMORY.

4. Later in the Volcano level I remember throwing an apple at Charmeleon, and when he would fall in the lava he would turn into Charizard, and use Flamethrower then pose for a really bad-ass picture.

5. On the river level when you go down the waterfall, and open the cave level. That was some crazy ishh.. I remember the Jynx's dancing around their little ice formation, and Articuno flying around overhead. It probably took me about 50 tries to get a good shot of Articuno.

6. The rainbow level where you have to break Mew's aura, and get that stunning shot of Mew. It was such a pain in the ass to do it, but when you completed the game everything just felt so right.

7. Who doesn't love Professor Elm's voice? The fact that he (the game) would pick out your best photos, judge, and critique them was awesome.

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