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Originally Posted by tImE View Post
Looking forward to see more.
I love your graphics!

I don't really hang a lot in the progressing games subforum, but I really should.
I've completely missed your game up til now!

Keep up the great work! Get some more screenshots up and maybe a short video, so you can move to Games Showcase. This really deserves a lot more spotlight than it gets!
Thanks, they went through an update not too long ago, and I will have screens showing that some day.

I honestly forget this thread exists from time to time, and since most of my work for the past couple months has been in a sketch book, I have not been posting updates for anything. My deadline on my visual board is to have a showcase thread by the end of 2013. I am a one man army here so my updates are really not something that I can constantly post at this juncture.

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